Embroidered Apparel And Its Greater Significance

By: fadi

The nature of competition in the business world is of cut throat in nature; each and every business fights aggressively and has the objective of eliminating competition in the industry. The fight is to get maximum market share, the highest profit margins, highest return on income and equity. Every business wants its product to be the one for which customers are willing to pay the highest price. All these goals are not easy to achieve and take a lot more than heavy cash expenses. To become a successful business you need plan and move intelligently with a strong and smart strategy.

The first and the most important thing for the business are to identify its target market or audience. It needs to figure who are its customers, what do they do and what do they want. It has been noted that businesses that focus on men have a relatively easier time in pursuing their products than those that target women. The second step is to devise a marketing campaign that identifies the 4Ps, that is, the price, product, placement and positioning. Most marketers are of the view that out of the 4pís positioning is the most important of all. The last and final step is to deliver the product to the target customers as conveniently as possible.

Now, since businesses that target females have a greater difficulty in positioning their products, this article includes a few tips. It is crucial that the product is positioned in the minds of women as something exceptional and exclusive, it should be promoted and advertised in such a way that women believe that the use of the product will enhance their social status. In order to achieve this objective the first impression of the product should be overwhelming for women, as it is said; first impression is the last impression. One of the best ways of introducing your product is through embroidered shirts.

Embroidered shirts leave if not all, most of the women impressed. Embroidery is something that is liked by majority of the women; they all crave and wish for embroidery products. It is general perception that if a product has embroidery on it, it is surely expensive and special. Some women are so fond of embroidery that maybe even willing to pay a higher price for it.

It depends on the business how they want to use embroidered shirts for the promotion of a new product. For instance, a business may choose to give them as gifts to its regular customers with information about the new product or an invitation to come to the launch ceremony of the new product. Some businesses may even keep them as bait, for instance; if you buy the new product you will get a free embroidered shirt or a chance to win one. Embroidered shirts also help in generating buzz for the new product, because it is obvious, if you are giving them as free gifts women will talk about it and it will be automatic publicity.

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