Email Marketing: What Not To Do

By: David T.

Sending email marketing newsletters is a highly effective technique for those who run their opt-in email marketing campaign with integrity and just a little bit of finesse. If you follow even the most basic of rules for writing and sending out an email newsletter, you're on the right path. The following techniques aren't so much techniques as they are mistakes and are surefire ways to make sure that you fail completely at email marketing.

Make your sell in the subject line: subject lines that include phrases such as "buy now", "limited time offer", "great deal for you" and other similar exclamations don't read as enthusiastic encouragement so much as they look like spam. Go look in your spam box. How many special offers do you see? How many emails where what you're being asked to buy is broadly listed in the subject line? Now, how many of these emails are compelling? Not a single one, right? And, what't more, they have all led to a fairly comprehensive list of trigger phrases that will make ISPs think that you too must belong in the spam box if you title your emails thusly. Obviously, it's much better to never land yourself there than to have to dig yourself out of that hole.

Fumble your sales pitch: offering special deals within your email newsletter is a good idea, as it will boost business and help your subscribers feel as if they are privy to special opportunities. So, if you want to make sure that your sale is unappealing, tell your customers that you're got something better now and need to unload this old stuff. Or, tell them that business is really terrible and you really need them to make some purchases, even at a discounted price. Ok, so chances are you wouldn't make a mistake that big, but you do still want to watch your language on sales. You want to appear generous in your offer of high quality, not desperate and trying to unload something.

Send out your email sporadically: Maybe you could send one email a month for a few months, then three per day for a week, and then go to one every three months and see how many subscribers you keep. Of course, if you aren't trying to get all your subscribers to unsubscribe, then you probably ought to just go ahead and stick to a regular schedule. Most people are highly appreciative of regularity.

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Email marketing is something that is undertaking by people at every level of business, from start-ups to companies that have been up and running for hundreds of years. An email newsletter can even be a primary form of communication with one's contacts. Running an opt-in email marketing list helps to ensure that those reading are indeed interest parties.

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