Email Archiving Solution - Its Features And Benefits

By: Audrian Cambell

Email has become one of the most important forms of business communication today. Organizations of all sizes use email servers to send and receive messages and crucial data on a daily basis. There are two types of emailing server systems found in this world - in-house and cloud-based. While an in-house email archiving solution needs to be purchased and installed in the office premises, there is no such compulsion in case of cloud-based ones. A large number of businesses are that is why preferring to use a cloud-based email archiving system since it is inexpensive and easy to manage compared to an in-house one.

Best of email archiving solution helps to store and retrieve important business emails in minutes. Companies receive hundreds of mails every day. Now, the inbox needs to be managed well so that it doesn't get overloaded. Thus, it is best to transfer the older emails to a different place. By email archiving, we mean transferring older electronic messages to a centralized database where all the users can easily access mails any time without facing trouble.

Along with crucial business mails, almost all companies keep on receiving unwanted, spam mails. Such mails may contain promotional content as well as viruses and malware inside them. Experts warn us against opening such mails and clicking on the link provided in the email. Chances are your computer may be infected with a deadly virus that has the capacity to destroy all your significant company documents and information. Similarly, professional hackers send emails that contain links which upon clicking will lead to compromising your PC. A third party can easily access all your mails from any remote location. Thus, to avoid mishaps like this, many corporate enterprises are using an email spam filter service.

Such a service automatically filters out unwanted, virus-infected mails so that you don't face any problem while operating your day-to-day business. There are many companies online offering a high quality email spam filter service to businesses at all levels. The service does not cost much and at the top of it provides the highest level of security for a seamless work flow, 24/7.

Let's now quickly glance through the benefits of using an email archiving solution:

Regulatory Compliance and e-Discovery: Nowadays, companies should properly store all important business emails. In case a customer complaints against a company, it can show a series of emails as evidence at the court of law in favor of its judgment. Archiving system thus helps a company protect itself against any legal risk or customer grievances.

Complete Protection against Data Loss: Emails can get lost due to technical glitches, accidentally or intentionally. To save a mail from getting destroyed, organizations should use an email archive server.

Lower Company Costs: Risks of overloaded server, storage space crunch, and complex backup system can be eliminated once companies access a mail archival system. It thus saves on company costs by offering smooth work process across departments without falling hard on budgets.

Universal Access of Mails: Older emails stored in the centralized database can be searched and accessed anytime by the users sitting miles away from the office building. Again mails can be distributed across various mail servers or on the computers of different users, 24 hours.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archiving solution works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. In this article, he shares his knowledge about how email spam filter service helps in the efficient management of data.

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