Eliminate Kitchen Scraps With A Composter Program

By: Wayne Allen

There is a lot of technical information floating around concerning a compost program. The idea behind this article is to put in layman's terms. Although the technical explanation can come in handy at the right time, the main concept of this article is to put it in terms that anyone can understand.
A compost pile is really just an attempt to give back to mother nature. compost is more that just a fertilizer. It is a mulch, a soil conditioner and it will provide the minerals and nutrients your plants need to grow. Compost rich soil retains water much better, this will be very beneficial for your plants.
There are many different composting programs, the simplest is the no turn method. As the title indicates you simply do not turn the pile. This method does take a bit longer but it is by far the easiest. get the ready compost from the bottom and add new compost material to the top.
Adding hay or some other course material to the compost pile creates air pockets and allows the pile to be aerated. When air is allowed in the compost pile you can expect your compost to be developed at the same rate as when the turn over method is used.
To create a compost pile you will need materials that are rich in carbon and nitrogen such as fruits and vegetables and other tables scraps. Some of the other useful items are eggshells, grass clippings, pine needles, coffee grounds, wood ash, tea leaves, cardboard and shredded paper.
Stay away from bones as they attract a number of rodents. Oily substances do not break down well so they should be avoided also.
Discourage fruit flies and other pests from grouping together on your pile. Do this by covering the pile or add lime to the top as you add new materials to your compost pile. The lime also helps to neutralize odors although if your pile is properly built the odors should not be a problem.
This article simplifies a compost program. It is not a very complicated process, the biggest element is just time.

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