Electric Radiators vs. Cast Iron Radiators

By: Steve Philips

It's always important to gather as much information as possible before making a large purchase. This is especially true if you're buying something that you plan on using every day that you're at home, like a quality heating unit.
Radiators are a great solution for home heating, no matter where your home may happen to be. These devices have provided efficient and even heating for over a hundred years and are still common today. Efficient heating never goes out of style.
Choosing what kind of radiator to get, though, can be more difficult. The primary choice is between an electric radiator and a cast iron radiator. While both of these types work well, only one will be ideal for your specific needs.
Cast iron radiators tend to provide more heat, meaning that they'll more quickly turn a cold room into a warm one. You can even find designer cast iron radiators if you want something that will increase the look of the room.
The downside to cast iron radiators is that they're less energy efficient. They also have significant safety hazards associated with them, especially if they're not covered by some kind of enclosure. This can translate into increased costs.
The big advantage to an electric radiator is that it is exceptionally efficient. Electric radiators come in a variety of sizes that can be customized to fit the needs of individual rooms. Many electric radiators have alternative uses as well.
Electric radiators don't output as much heat as cast iron radiators though. This can be very disadvantageous if you need to warm very wide open spaces since you'll need to invest in multiple units. This can get very expense very quickly.
Make sure to take the time and effort to consider exactly what your needs are before you go looking for a new heating unit. Electric radiators and cast iron radiators both have their advantages, but the one that's best for you specific needs will depend on precisely what those needs are.

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Steve Philips works on many aspects of the home, including designer radiators. He has written many articles on the topic, focusing on vintage cast iron radiators.

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