Electric Pool Heaters

By: Summer Augustina

In this article I'm going to be telling you more about electric pool heaters, and linking to a page which gives you an in-depth explanation of how it works, and also tells you where to buy one from.
The electric pool heater uses a technology very similar to the way that air conditioning works. It is essentially a heat pump which means that it moves heat from one place to another stop
In this case, the heat is moved from the surrounding air into the water from your pool. This water is circulated around the pool is ready to heat throughout the entirety of the pool.
If you have looked at pool heat pumps before, you may have been struck by the high price. It is not unusual to find units costing $5000 or more, which seems extremely expensive when you compare it to the much cheaper gas powered heaters that are available on the market. However, the high price of installing one of these systems is offset by their very low running costs, which could save you as much as $2000 a year when compared to propane heaters.
When you look at it this way, you can see the electric power heaters are the more economic choice, as they only cost half of the price of a gas powered heater to run.
As a result of this, electric heaters usually pay for themselves with in three years, even in hot climates. In colder areas, where they see more use, they pay for themselves quicker.
In spite of all this, there are some situations where electric pool heaters do not perform as well as propane heaters. This is when the air is colder, and there is less energy in the air heat your pool. While it will prevent the water from freezing, it will not raise the temperature to a comfortable level, unless you have a very powerful pool heat pump.
In this situation, you have to make a choice. One of the choices that are available to you is to limit your use of pool to the warmer times of year. In fact, some people would not like to be bathing outside when the air temperatures are cold anyway, as it could be unpleasant getting in and out of the pool. If you do want to keep your pool warm during this time of year, you could buy a secondary heater which will generate heat as and when needed. This way, the heating prices do still stay low, because the secondary heater is only used a small fraction of the time, and the heat pump provides the majority of the heat.

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