Elaborate the Three Big Changes Strategy of Coach

By: Emma Beth

Elaborate the Three Big Changes Strategy of Coach

1. Mass luxury

Coach has maintained a superior quality, durable and strong, the conditions qualify as a luxury brand, but compared to the traditional European luxury brands, Coach of the average price of less than half of them. With a unique consumer insight, Coach cut consumption in the wind potential of the emerging consumer trends prevailed, so, Coach presents a clear and impressive brand positioning: "Luxury at your fingertips."

The polarization trend in the consumer under the luxury consumer is no longer the prerogative of top billionaires. Although the European luxury brands in the world have staged a high price for the advertised brand positioning, but compared to the low-cost position not only did not let Coach dusty high-end brand image, but as Coach of the competitive advantage. Consumer demand for both luxury, but do not have much disposable income people who, Coach just hit the consumer desire to upgrade their demand, which makes Coach can attract a wider range of consumers.

2. Break the iron rule of the industry

Chen attaches great importance to the new change in the speed of the fashion industry, will launch new products every quarter, to define the seasonal fad, it is accepted practice. However, this rate seems too slow for the Coach. Through statistics, Coach found that about 30 days old customers will patronize the Coach store once. In order to return to the store when they have a surprise every time, be able to see new products, to stimulate their desire to buy, Coach to accelerate the speed of new product updates. In Frankfurt, this kind of shipping the monthly rate of introduction of new products, it is precisely in line with the pace of life of consumers.

Later, Coach has introduced new products, and defines many new types of handbags, such as a weekend bag, travel bag, dinner package, short-break packages, and wrist bags. In which a wrist bag hitting a record 100,000 sales, greatly open the market of young women.

3. Learn to listen to the voices of consumers

Traditionally, luxury goods companies will be declared under the banner name of top fashion: consumers can buy their products, is equivalent to their branded distinguished mark, the brand is defined and the trend leader. Popular with the brand have the final say, "Never ask the customer what you want, tell what they should have" the luxury goods industry to pursue the pride of the law.

Coach succeeded in breaking the logical = copy from luxury international brand information website, Coach succeeded in breaking the logic of luxury.

However, Coach did the opposite. Coach every year for large-scale consumer tracking research, is the largest investment in time and money to conduct consumer research and Analysis Company. In Coach's behind every important decision, there is a wealth of detailed consumer research results do support, even the Coach's design director carat Kefu also relies heavily on Coach's consumer research, consumer color, shape, material preference surveys have become an important reference for his designs.

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