Efusjon Review

By: Daniel Lucas

Brand new in 2009, the Efusjon Energy Club is a promising MLM company located in Oregon that provides a healthy option to traditional energy drinks. It is noteworthy to add that the Efusjon company arrives on the scene as the energy drink segment of the health and wellness industry is experiencing high growth. In addition, Efusjon brings much credibility as the former Vice President of Paramount Pictures and Microsoft founds the group. Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer for Facebook, decided to join the cause along with Derek. This review details the pros and cons of the Efusjon Energy Drink business.

While the market for energy drinks is booming, Efusjon is still years behind the first energy drink MLM company. Not only does Efusjon come many years behind Amway, but Xango and Mona Vie started up in the same year as Efusjon. On the other hand, energy drink sales for year 2009 are estimated at approximately $5 billion, and experts estimate sales to reach $9 billion by 2011. There is certainly competition from companies such as Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Sobe, Bawls, and more. While mainstream energy drinks may produce the desired effect at the cost of the consumer's health, efusjon delivers the vitamins and nutrients necessary for a healthy body. The RAW and EDGE drinks promise to deliver a high level of antioxidants as well as support the body’s metabolism. These drinks help the body stay mentally sharp. Efusjon uses the Breeze drink to enhance energy during athletic activities. The Breeze drink is composed of passion fruit, mangosteen, and caffeine. Finally, Dawn contains a high amount of antioxidants that keep the mind in top condition. It contains quercetin, caffeine, and citrus. Among the full line-up of drinks, Dawn is the only energy drink that is uncarbonated. Traditional energy drinks feature taurine and guarine. It is surprising to me that Efusjon can still consider their drinks healthy when the drinks contain caffeine. Of course, Efusjon could perhaps differ too much if it does not include one of the addictive ingredients used by its competitors. Admittedly, Efusjon provides competitively priced energy drinks that are in high demand. The Efusjon product line-up adds to the company's appeal along with the chance to seize on an opportune market.

Efusjon uses a modification of the multi-level marketing compensation plan called 'The Overlap Matrix.' It pays the distributor 4.25% on his downline or anyone referred by him. Additionally, the Efusjon compensation plan alots 1.25% to all independent marketers through either 'The Overlap Matrix' or the business owner's team. The overlap matrix includes compensation from people who are not even a part of one’s team. The startup cost is $30 which is quite reasonable. This includes the ability to purchase Efusjon products, as well as a website and Facebook marketing system. The main qualification to receive payment is to recruit three people into business and hold an autoship of at least 48 drinks at $120 plus shipping each month. While the Efusjon business has one of the lowest startup costs, it lacks the functionality to use a capture or squeeze page on the main page of the website. This increases the difficulty of obtaining affiliate sales commissions while using the Efusjon marketing system. Most importantly, Efusjon does not offer a stand-alone attraction marketing system. Efusjon does not include significant training necessary to succeed in an online MLM business. Without outside help, an Efusjon representative would be in poor condition to achieve a high level of success.

The number of Efusjon representatives is growing at one of the fastest rates in the industry, and the opportunity warrants research from MLM business owners. Efusjon prospects should ask themselves the following questions: number one, is Efusjon the most competitive energy drink for demand and price? How does the product differ from the others? In addition, does the product and opportunity suit one's interests? Efusjon is a very viable solution, but a prospective marketer should first consider whether he possesses the knowledge and training to dominate Efusjon or any other company. Efusjon does not provide those; it is the responsibility of the business owner to make his business profitable.

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