Efusjon Review- Efusjon what is all the fuss

By: Kenny Gregg

EFusjon has created a bit of stir in the industry recently. It is a somewhat of a new company merely a not many months back that was happening. Letís take a moment and spot if this is happens to be one more me too product company or will they sub stain for the long term. The core thing to take into account with a few new companies is do your homework and make sure it is right for you.

Is Efusjon for real yes lets get that out of the way it is not a rip-off or anything of that nature and in fact comes down to a small number of basic principles that I want to discuss.

If you have glance at any of my other reviews plus opinions you will know that I evaluate 3 basic concepts product, management, marketing story.

Efusjon is a network marketing company that was started with energy drink and there is so a lot of buzz recently Iíve even seen someone who got the logo of their beverage tattooed on their back. It has got a bit of exposure in recent times due to its social networking run seems every person is plastering it entirely over Facebook these days. They also claim to hold some application that is going to change the industry on Facebook.

At this moment from my own perspective I sense this will fall short and this is why, Social Media Facebook, Myspace and such are sites where people socialize and advise about what they are going to prepare for dinner, weekend, post movies and just plain talk about just about anything that comes to mind. They typically donít require commercials and or pitched on a business opportunity. Social media is rising although at the same time it is significant to recognize that people do business with people they achieve a trust and have a affiliation with. Efusjon in my opinion the social side won't last the prolonged haul merely since they are going about the social media marketing the inappropriate way. Simply put they are not creating any value in the market place and at the conclusion of the day people become turned off by this.

Now an additional concern I have is Efusjonís product to me being an energy drink in my opinion this is just one of what we describe the "me too" product there are a ton of them out there and as such unless they possibly get some solid leaders with a huge list to come on board I donít truly see it being a long term play. You might see a short run but after a bit considering the price point it will wither in my belief. Now I evaluate companies all the time and being in the leadership I am, people make contact with me daily with these things and I make an effort and pick them apart and gain knowledge from every one.

The Efusjon Energy Club clearly isnít the be all and the end all of Network Marketing. To all of my readers and visitors Ė I desire you the best of luck and prosperity in any business you choose, and if itís Efusjon Ė my hats off to you in your activities and remain fruitfull.

Look I'm not saying to not join Efusjon or if you are already in Efusjon that you should look for a better, more viable product to market Ė Iím just showing my viewpoint from my own examination in the marketplace. If you are going to assemble an Efusjon business, I anticipate that this review helped you to gain some insight into some of the reasons why not all prospects will join you in your business.

Just remember this donít get caught up in all the excitement make an sharp decision based on truth and then choose if you sincerely are eager to bank your future achievement on this kind of business model. If that works for you I say great my hat is off to you for truly wanting to make a modification for your family and your economic outlook. If not search out something else and remember that the three things that are very crucial Product must be something valuable, must have splendid management backing it for long term growth, Have a marketing blueprint system that is easy for you to stick to that will permit anybody to duplicate without difficulty and effectively. No matter what company you settle to pursue make certain you have a marketing system in place to grow your business.

Also, if youíre teetering on the edge and some of what I said here at the moment struck you, and you know you feel the same Ė why not locate a different opportunity that might be further suited to you than Efusjon? With hundreds of products you might discover something that will jive better with you and you will be able to feel a little more passionate. Bear in mind this if you seriously need to develop a serious income make certain whatever company you go for that you possess the serious blueprint system that you can follow to make certain you are victorious.

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