Effects of Salvia

By: Sibyl

Jean Basset Johnson was the first to record about Salvia during his study of Mazatec shamanism, and then later documented its usage and reported its effects through personal testimonials.

Some of the immediate effects that have been recorded are the following although it is not limited only to it. Uncontrollable laughter which is mostly common even from taking other similar products to Salvia; Past memories such as revisiting places from childhood memory; Sensations of motion or being pulled or twisted by force; Visions of membranes, films and various two-dimensional surfaces; Merging with or becoming objects and overlapping realities, such as the perception of being in several locations at once.

There are also some books that are being published in order to further more inform people about the Salvia and part of its content would be the testimonials of actual people who have tried or are using it for quite a long time already. Here are some testimonials from actual people who have used it.

"The salvia took me on a consciousness-expanding journey unlike any other I have ever experienced. My body felt disconnected from 'me' and objects and people appeared cartoonish, surreal and marvelous. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The visions vanished and I was back in my bedroom. I spoke to my 'sitter'—the friend who was watching over me, as recommended on the packaging—but my mouth was awkward and clumsy. When I attempted to stand my coordination was off. Within a couple of minutes, however, I was fine and clear-headed, though dripping with sweat. The whole experience had lasted less than 5 minutes".—Gaia 2006-09-29 (UK Media)

"It's very intense; I call it a reality stutter, or a reality strobing. I think that having been a test pilot, and flying in that unforgiving environment with only two feet between our wingtips, helped to prepare me for this kind of exploration."—Pendell 1995

Basing on the testimonial above, people might get scared of it or might not. Be reminded that effects could also differ depending on how much of it you have taken and it would also depend on your current health condition. Make sure you always have someone, such as a trusted friend with you when you try to do this especially if it’s your first time.

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