Effects of Drug Addiction on immediate family

By: Narconon Fresh Start

Every time I read anything about a drug addict and what he or she may done, the hair on the nape of my neck stands up and I get goose bumps. That’s because I know what the person is going through. I know enough about a drug rehabilitation program or drug addiction to get under the skin of one such character. You see, I was a junkie once. Many a time, I was taken to drug rehabilitation centres with the good intention of being weaned away from dependence on the deadly substance. The thing is it had a very adverse effect on me. The methods being followed at most of these centres that I was taken to followed the concept of keeping the patient away from outside influences and well, drugs. So essentially, I was pretty much locked up while my body craved for relief. I would cry, shout, scream and writhe in pain as the body screamed for the chemicals that it could now not do without. I don’t blame the people who ran these centres as that is what they believed to be the right method to follow.

Eventually my loved ones could stand my agony no longer and would have me released. I would get back and frantically pump my body with the deadly substance. The ensuing stupor would make me forget the dreadful agony of the past few days or weeks. Each time this happened, I found that I was injecting higher doses than before. In fact, these trips were making it worse for me. And of course, the only way to sustain the regular flow of drugs was get more money by selling or stealing whatever I could from anywhere.

To cut a long story short, I eventually landed up at an out of town institute where the treatment was more scientific and planned. During the initial days, I was closely monitored to replenish my body of the much needed resources and vitamins that were crucial to preventing a relapse. I was also provided psychological, emotional and physical support to help me cope with the de-addiction. Once I finished with these stages, I was given a life therapy course which prepared me to leave a normal, happy and drug dependence free life.Which I do now.

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