Effects Of Vitamin Deficiency

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Vitamin Deficiency In Your Body
Most people take their diet for granted. They eat three meals a day and try to stick with the basic food groups to ensure they and their family is getting a balanced, nutritious diet. However, sometimes people still manage to miss some of the important vitamins and minerals needed by our body for healthy growth. Nutritionists or doctors can often help you see what should be included in your diet for healthy living. Health problems can arise from diets that have a vitamin deficiency. Anyone that is diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency should take this seriously, as many problems can arise from this. Anemia is one of the first problems that can and usually does result from a vitamin deficiency.
Causes and Symptoms of Anemia From Vitamin Deficiency
Anemia from a vitamin deficiency affects many individuals. Anemia can cause people to feel tired and unmotivated all the time. Regardless of how much sleep they get, their body always feels tired. Anemia usually results from a diet that is low in Vitamin B12, which is very important for many of our organs to function properly. The nervous system, which controls our entire body in some way, can become affected from a vitamin deficiency that results in anemia. If you suffer from a Vitamin B12 deficiency, it is important to include foods in your diet that are rich in this vitamin. Some of the foods you can eat that have an ample supply of Vitamin B12 are eggs, meat and dairy products. If you are diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency, your doctor will probably recommend you take Vitamin B12 supplements. However, you should still make every attempt to get the daily recommended amounts in your daily diet. Anemia is a condition caused by a vitamin deficiency, but it is not the only condition you can develop from a vitamin deficiency.
Vitamin Deficiency Treatment
Most people try to get to their doctor at least once a year for an annual checkup. Others, however, don't see their doctor unless they are sick. It's important that your doctor see you on somewhat of a regular basis so if there is a vitamin deficiency, it can be corrected before it manifests itself in the form of illness or disease. If a vitamin deficiency is diagnosed, your doctor will work with you to correct the problem. He or she will probably recommend you start taking vitamin supplements. Your doctor will also go over your diet to determine what kind of foods you can eat to increase your daily intake of the vitamins your body is deficient in. If there is a serious problem, the patient may have to take injections of the vitamin. Nasal sprays are also available with certain vitamins. Vitamin deficiency may cause serious problems, but it can usually be quickly remedied with supplements or a balanced diet.
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