Effects Of Massage On High Blood Pressure

By: Thulas Sukati

If you are not undergoing the suffering from a disease condition called benign hypertension, also called HTN or its malignant version, you may not be too interested to learn about how to lower blood pressure. The way the disease can kill has won the accolade of it being called the 'silent killer' since it happens suddenly without any prior signs or symptoms. According to the current statistics, there are millions who are its victims and it spread includes one in three adults who get affected by it in developed countries.

This increases the chances of your knowing someone who could be afflicted by malignant or benign hypertension without even knowing about it. Reading this article would surely benefit you as you newly-acquired knowledge on how to slower blood pressure can then be passed on to your loved ones as a help to the unfortunate souls who are suffering from this disease condition. When you visit a doctor, obviously he would prescribe medicines. 50% patients however do not bother to honor the prescription which undoubtedly is a matter that deserves attention, more so when the case is severe HTN.

The situation may be this, but it is also a fact that medications belonging to the groups of diuretics, beta blockers, alpha blockers and vasodilators can bring relief and cure. There is however expenses involved which are mostly for an extended period and of course the side effects. How to lower blood pressure is for these reasons a matter of significance in the lives of malignant and benign hypertension patients. They are looking for natural options which have no side effects and are low on cost.

The sunny side of the story is that sufferers can reduce the levels with some amount of lifestyle alterations and exercising schedules. Diet is the most important part of this and the patient must be aware of recommended and banned foods, liquid intake volume, the right vitamin and mineral supplements, etc. While some extremely informative and interesting recommendations can be found on the internet, some even go and advise the patient to have chocolates, which of course is highly debatable.

The above information deals with some of the more common methods for the management of benign hypertension or malignant HTN. There are a lot of expected complications like stroke, heart attacks and kidney problems, so it is imperative that you know as much as possible about how to lower blood pressure. For taking timely care for the people who you love, it is better to take early action to avoid complications in the future.

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