Effectiveness of technical analysis

By: Jitender Yadav

The question that bothers many traders is the utility of Technical Analysis Course. to enhance performance. For the first time initiator of technical analysis, this question is quite logical. However, this question keeps on cropping up in minds of even those traders, who have been practicing technical analysis for a long time.
So, should technical analysis be questioned? The answer is yes. Questioning brings out the flaws in understanding, or in many instances, the flaws in the TA principles itself. TA has its own share of detractors who rubbish it totally, nothing wrong with that. However, in my experience, people who do use TA, turn out to be its biggest critics.
In ideal situation, this should be enough to prove weaknesses of TA. However, in reality, the blame mostly lies with us, rather than the study itself. The reasons and other aspects will be taken up in forthcoming articles whenever relates to the theme of the article.
For now, remember that using TA does not mean that one will never be wrong, or will not make losses. Wrong positions and losses are part of trading that cannot-be-eliminated. What TA does is to make you apt in managing your trades, from entry to exit, which is what finally makes the difference.
Another point is, you may go wrong technically once, but more often than not, if you are wrong the second time, it will be because of your emotional reaction to market moves.
There are many misgivings that you will come across, if you plan to learn Technical Analysis Course.. One of the most vocal one is that past prices cannot be useful in knowing about future moves. That is only partially true.
What happens in future is something no one can be sure about. Nevertheless, past prices are crucial indicator to the demand and supply mechanism. Once you start trading, you will realise that some price levels take importance in trading activity.
In the next article, apart from the above-mentioned misgiving, I will discuss some more that bring confusion in minds of the student. It is always better to know what people think about any study, and what the criticisms are. Of course, until you learn technical analysis, you may not be able to fully comprehend the reasons for and against it. However, you will understand perfectly well, the shortcomings that you may encounter moving forward.

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