Effectiveness For Wellness

By: Ambler Gosling

You're busy. I know. There aren't enough hours in the day. I hear you. One question though? How is it that there still seems to be many people who get tons of things done?

They're effective, not efficient.

There's a difference

You can be very efficient at anything. You can be efficient at taking out the trash. You can be efficient at surfing YouTube, you can be efficient at pooping. Conversely though, it's difficult to be effective at taking out the trash. You take it out. That's it. What effect does it have on your life and your success? A very small one.

If you focused your time on the tasks that were the most effective at bringing you closer to your goal, two things would happen;

1) You would work less

2) You would achieve more

You need to consistently ask yourself throughout the day, "Am I doing this to avoid doing important things?" If yes, the cut the crap and go do the very effective, important thing.

There is no point in being efficient at several unimportant things. They are unimportant, who cares? They don't have a massive impact on your life.

Cut them out and just focus on the things with maximum effectiveness. Writing that book, that's effective. Plucking your eyebrows for the 3rd time today, not so effective.

When you cut out the unimportant things a drastic thing will happen.the world will NOT implode. They are so insignificant that you can just leave them be and nothing will happen. This will then free up time for you to do things of personal importance to you.

You'll be able to go to the gym earlier; when it's not crowded. You'll be able to cook 3 meals a day for yourself. You'll go to bed and get a good night's rest.

Try these things. Increase your effectiveness, decrease your working time, increase your wellness and improve your life!

John Wade writes about health, fitness, wellness and success at http://www.paveyourlife.co

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