Edible Halloween Crafts

By: Russ D. Edwards

If you are having a Halloween party, there's little more fun to have available than eatable Halloween crafts. It's great for party goers to nosh on eyeballs, spiders, and other types of edible Halloween crafts. It not only makes the party fun, but it makes it engaging also.
Here's one of our favorite recipes for eatable Halloween crafts yummy Brains :
Take one package blueberry Jell-O mix and prepare according to directions. Pour a sixteen oz. container of cottage cheese into a bowl. Take a can of blueberries in syrup and drain off the syrup. Add the blueberries to the cottage cheese and mix well. Add blue food coloring parsimoniously to turn the cottage cheese/blueberry mixture to a grey color when mixed together. To serve, place a scoop of Jell-O on a plate, decant the blueberry syrup over the Jell-O and top with cottage cheese mixture. Tasty Brains!
Are you hungry for more edible Halloween crafts how about testing out some creepy eyeballs? Basically, these are deviled eggs with a black olive in the middle. In the event you don't know how to make deviled eggs, here's how. Take eggs and boil them for approximately two minutes. Lower heat and leave on stove for 3 more minutes. Drain off the hot water and then give them a cold bath till they're cooled down. Peel the eggs and slice them lengthwise. Dig out the yolks and mash with a fork till smooth. If you boil up about half twelve eggs, you must add about cup of mayo ( adjust to be sure the mix is creamy but not runny ). Add some prepared mustard and mix well. Scoop the yolk mix into the whites of the eggs. Place a black olive into the center of each yolk and you have some eyeballs prepared to eat!
Finally, the best eatable Halloween crafts we found is the recipe for Monster Toes or Bloody Fingers. You's l first need cocktail wieners. Cut a wedge into the end of each to make a place for the toe/finger nail. Cut flour tortillas into 4 long by wide strips. Roll each wiener into a tortilla strip, secure with a toothpick, and place on a cookie sheet. Bake in a 350 degree cooker for about 7 min s. After removing from oven, fill the toe/finger nail portion with ketchup and serve. Each, but all at the same time!
eatable Halloween crafts are fun to make and even better to eat. There are a large amount of creative paths to make food into frightening eatable Halloween crafts just use your mind and then enjoy watching your guests eat their frightening treats!

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