Eco friendly ideas for real estate developers and homeowners

By: navjeet kaur

It is the humans who have exploited the natural resources for the sake of development. So it is now our responsibility to save the planet from further degradation by saving its natural resources.
A prime reason why these natural resources have been exploited is due to the high consumption of natural materials, like coal, natural gas, iron ore, cobalt and trees. Man had been cutting trees to meet his daily requirements, from building homes to cooking purposes, from the very beginning and this has resulted in exploitation of the most useful non-renewable resources like wood and natural gas. But the question arises, how we can overcome this great loss?
The answer is simple. Human beings who have destructed the environment can overcome this loss by harnessing eco-friendly products. The natural resources are being overused for the construction purposes. Due to this reason, real estate developers have started using eco-friendly building materials for development and construction purposes. Some of the techniques listed below are used by real-estate developers:
Reusing building materials
With innovative methods, low consumption of natural resources can now be done using recycled materials for surplus building materials. With conservative approach, many real estate developers have now started using the recycled materials as raw materials to overcome the construction material needs. Deconstructed materials that can be recycled are acoustical ceiling tiles, concrete, window glass, plastic film and many more. Waste timber can also be recycled and reused for construction purposes again. Timber is hardwood and thus can be easily removed from old buildings and brought into reuse to make furniture or other household items.
Solar power
Wind and solar power are renewable sources which can be replenished again. Thus solar panels can be used to generate electricity for heating and lighting purposes which can minimize utility expenses incurred by homeowners.
Low thermal emissive glasses
Window glasses coated with Pyrolytic CVD and magnetron spluttering, improve the thermal efficiency of glass. Glasses emit high radiant thermal energy but the glasses manufactured from low emissive materials improve the thermal efficiency and thus they absorb and reflect very less amount of heat energy. It may cost more money initially but it can help the environment to a great extent.
Rain water harvesting
Water can be saved by recycling the rain water. Installing rooftop tanks can be a great way to save rain water and later on utilize it for watering the plants and cleaning purposes. Rain water can also be recycled for irrigation and construction purposes, which need a lot of water supply.
Go Green by Gardening
Gardening can be done for beautification as well as to save the environment. Plant as much trees as you can. This will not only beautify your home’s view but will maintain good flow of oxygen which is necessary for survival on earth. Start by planting different vegetables, fruits and trees according to the season. This way you can use plants not only for getting fresh food, but save the nature as well.
Some of the ways listed above may cost some money, while others are free of cost. Choose at least one of them and contribute in making our planet clean and green.

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