Eco friendly fashionable clothes

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

This is the new style statement for the fashionable and environmentally conscious people out there. Nowadays a lot of organic fashion products are available in the market. They are worth purchasing as they promise quality and an attractive look.

People of this generation are trying to adopt several green practices, like consuming organic foods, leading eco friendly lifestyle, building green houses, riding in alternative transports, etc. A recent addition to the list is eco friendly fashion statement. It has become possible to wear clothing that has been made in a sustainable way out of organic products.

An important point worth mentioning is that, even though the garments are made in environment friendly way, the transportation of raw materials and final products causes pollution. For a costume to be fully organic, it has to indeed reduce the carbon footprint left by the transportation. The production process has to take place at the source of raw materials.

The fashion indsustry also disposes a lot of unwanted materials after manufacturing. These waste off-cuts are left to decay. These can be recycled and reused, thus minimizing the accumulation of excess unwanted fabrics.

Cloth manufacturers use a lot of harmful chemicals while manufacturing the garments. Some of them are synthetic colors, bleaches, dyes, etc, which leads to disruption of ecological balance and water bodies. An organic garment would use natural dyes to retain the ecological balance.

Types of fabrics

A kind of recycled product, called ‘fleece’, is made from disposed plastic bottles. This fleece is used to make a type of fabric. Sustainable clothing does not only mean natural fabrics. It also refers to organic and renewable fabrics. Cotton may be comfortable and nature friendly, but they are grown with loads of pesticide and weed killers. After growing, they are processed with harmful chemicals. Thus the whole process is not environment friendly. Organic cotton would be the best possible answer. Other types of natural fabrics, like linen, wool and silk can also be nice alternatives. These products are renewed in organic ways in order to make them less toxic.

Some kinds of fabrics are made from non-renewable sources. For instance, nylon and polyester are made from petroleum products, which are non renewable. Such products take millions of years to form. Hence these kinds of fabrics are not renewable. Certain fabrics are made from the sources, such as jute, corn, soy or bamboo. Such fabrics are easily recreated and are hence renewable.

It is not enough to produce eco friendly clothing. One should take care of its washing process as well. Coupled with eco clothing, eco laundry is also a necessary factor. The way of cleaning may not be as sustainable as the way of manufacturing and distributing. Washing of clothes require tons of chemicals, energy, as well as consumes plenty of water. It is better to go for green threads which can be easily cold washed and dried up.

Thus, eco fashion clothing is an overall package starting from growing raw materials and ending in the laundry process, which has to be completely organic and green.

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