Eco-Friendly Pest Control Has Ancient Roots

By: Russ Frank

Green pest control goes back thousands of years. Ancient people fought bugs even before farming began. After agriculture began the fight turned into a way. Early farmers had to find ways to defend their crops against pests. Losing the battle of the bugs could lead to starvation.
Early farmers were observant and quickly learned how nature handled pest control. They duplicated what they saw and were not afraid to experiment. Ancient writings of Rome, China, Sumaria and Egypt contain evidence of pest control techniques. Some techniques worked well and were passed on.
Pest control techniques used by early farmers included: Using other critters such as frogs, birds and even other bugs help control pests Using sanitation and rotating crops to help control pests Using traps, baits and even fire to burn crops after harvest Using pest resistant plants
Ancient cultures learned they could control pests or stop them from breeding by burning the fields after harvest. This pest control technique was used over 3 thousand years ago in China, and borrowed by the Roman 1000 years later. Fire is still used today in a limited way.
Another pest control method of disrupting the lifecycle of pest is crop rotation, which proved very effective for the ancient farmers. This method is still widely used today to prevent the rapid reproduction of pests. An example of interrupting the lifecycle of pests occurred in the 6th Century in Greece. Pythagoras recommended that swamps in the outlying areas be drained to stop the spread of malaria.
After observation and practice some cultures like the Chinese became very proficient at controlling pests using other species. The introduction of insects like the praying mantis, which has a voracious appetite for other insects, allowed ancient farmers to control the pests attacking fruit orchards. Another pest control technique was to protect animal species, such as birds or frogs, whose main food supply was insects.
Early in the 16th century mechanical pest control traps were first invented. Dr. Bruckmann from Germany crafted the first fly trap. The trap was made of wood and attracted flies with sweet bait. He also designed flea traps that could be worn around the neck like a necklace. The aristocracy of Western European found these quite attractive.
Green pest control techniques have been around for a long time. They have been proven and refined over thousands of years. They fell out of favor when chemical pesticides were introduced, but are again gaining popularity. The appeal of these techniques is they are effective, relatively inexpensive, and have a reduced environmental impact. Today these green pest control techniques are collectively called Integrated Pest Management.

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