Eco Friendly Homes Use Solar Garden Lighting

By: Robin Buckley

Everyone seems to be in harmony these days when it comes to making your home environmentally friendly. Outdoor solar garden lighting lights up your garden in the most eco-friendly way.
Outdoor solar garden lights use a solar cell which converts the light from the sun into electricity. The electricity from the sun is then stored in a battery during the day for use at night. Solar powered garden lighting systems will only perform well if they receive the proper amount of sunlight. As the garden lights soak up the sun, they offer outdoor lighting that is free and earth friendly.
Products that use the power of the sun are becoming increasingly more popular. The styles are also improving and the selections are abundant.
Solar lights are available in many styles including string lights. This is a fun way to accent the patio with flowers, butterflies and ladybugs.
A natural looking "stone" solar light is designed to capture your street address and light up the numbers at night for easy identification of your address.
The solar garden lights are also available as garden gnomes. The precious figures provide a happy garden atmosphere by day, and garden lighting by night.
Animal statues holding solar lanterns are very popular with animal lovers. These replicas of squirrels, turtles, bunnies, and bears are a big hit, but the most popular are the dog statues. The dog statures come in many different breeds, so you can have a solar garden light in the form of your best friend.
You can even float your solar garden lights. A water tight version of solar garden lighting is perfect for accents on a pool or a pond, creating lots of ambiance.
The traditional solar garden lights come in stainless steel, copper and also plastic. You will find that these lights are so easy to install. Basically, you just stick them in the ground and leave everything else up Mother Nature. Solar garden lighting usually come in sets of 2, 4 or 6, however because they are relatively inexpensive, purchasing a fair amount won't break the bank and the more you have the better the ambiance and the illumination.
You will find an endless variety in style and usage of solar outdoor lighting. You will also find it to be versatile. It is easy to pick up your solar garden lamp pieces and move them from place to place because they are light and portable and you will never have to worry about re-wiring them or needing an outlet close by.
The solar garden lighting of today is much more superior than when these products first hit the marketplace. It used to be that these lights were very weak in their illumination. There have been major improvements to the quality of these products. Today's solar garden lights are diversified in style and are the perfect choice for the eco-friendly family.

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Robin Buckley is an activist for finding ways to help the earth. She writes for green, online magazines and looks for ways for individuals to live green while still enjoying life comforts. If you are considering solar garden lighting for your outdoor landscaping, Robin suggests The Garden Lighting Store for their low prices, quick service and great selection of products.

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