Eating Food on a Daily Basis

By: Charlie Reese..

Now that I'm 35, I'm trying to get really serious about losing these last (and very stubborn) ten pounds that have been hanging around since my children were born. But with family, work, the kids' activities -- every mom out there knows just what I mean -- it seems impossible.
I've been walking faithfully with the hubby, and trying to make healthy choices when I'm at the grocery store, but it still feels as though I've hit a plateau. Thankfully, a friend told me to try a daily food diary, which she described as another helpful weapon in the war against weight gain. I figured I had nothing to lose but a dress size, so I gave it shot.
I'll admit that at first, the thought of recording every bite I took in a daily food diary felt overwhelming. How could I be sure I wouldn't forget something I snacked on in the car on the way to soccer practice? Or how about the stolen bite here and there when I'm making dinner for the family, or finishing up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies? But I realized that that's the beauty of a daily food diary -- it's a tool that helps you to take into account all the mindless snacking you do during the day. Once you really start to consider all the opportunities you have to say no to those extra calories, you start to feel in control of what you're eating again!
The Internet is an amazing place to find a daily food diary that will work for you. I found free, customized plans that will help me to monitor everything I eat in a given day with ease. I can track my intake of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, as well as evaluate how that day's meal choices will help me meet my long-term weight loss goals. And the daily food diary is not the only helpful online tool.
Many sites offer fitness journals, virtual support groups, blogs, and other freebies to help with my diet. I even found some healthy (and tasty) recipes, a portable calorie counter that fits right into my purse, and a fast-food cheat sheet to help with those working lunches eaten on the go. Now I can make an informed decision about every meal I eat, and stick much more closely to my diet plan.
I'm seeing real results after these last three weeks. I've actually lost seven pounds, and have only three to go in order to reach my goal. Using a daily food diary is a great habit, and it's helped me to really think about what I'm eating. I'm making healthier choices throughout the day, and learning more about good nutrition than I ever thought possible. Those are habits I hope to keep for the long haul.

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