Easy Ways to Review a Savings Account

By: Savings Buddy

There are so many online savings accounts out there nowadays that it's almost impossible to figure out which bank is actually the best. If you are searching online, here are a few things that you can check out before you make a decision.
If it's hard to open an account with that online bank, then forget about it. These days with so many choices, why bother trying to figure out why you couldn't sign up?
The online savings account you end up opening will determine how much hassle you have to go through later. Make sure you pick a reputable financial institution or else you are in for a really fun time.
FDIC is the first criteria in picking a online bank. No FDIC insurance? No account signup. It's really that simple. Even after this year, there's at least $100,000 insurance - what's not to like about that?
It needs to be extremely easy to access your account. Online accounts should be easy to login without sacrificing security. Some cool login process requires a token.
Those security tokens are very cool and secure. If the savings account doesn't offer that, then look for ones that have other creative ways to ask for your credentials.
Make sure you keep the contact information of customer service before something goes wrong. You might also want to read review sites to see what others feel about the savings accounts' support level.
Of course, savings account are useless if the yield is low. Online savings account seem to give a higher savings rate than traditional savings account but even those have different yields. Find out that's high enough for your money.
Termination fees suck but sometimes it's necessary if you want to close the account. Just be comfortable with what the consequences are before you take action.
Some accounts only need a $1 minimum balance while others need more than that. If you go under, you may be charged fees so make sure you understand this because you go ahead and sign up.
You can probably get used to any interface but the easier to navigate, the better right? Every company will have different interfaces so you might want to check out review sites for the different accounts to see which one is better.
Do not pay account fees. Anything recurring fees need to be waived for you to even consider. Got that? Good.
With bill pay, you don't need to mail any more checks. It's quicker, easier, and more secure. There's really nothing better. If your savings account has it, it's a huge plus.
savings accounts sometimes offer great perks that may benefit you. For example, they might approve a visa card for you when other credit card companies deny you. Some savings accounts offer unlimited ATM withdraws which you may find interesting. Research online and you might be surprised at what you find.

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