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Articles of any topic are of huge demand today in the Internet. It is a well known fact that not everyone out there will be able to write good articles. Moreover, even if people write good articles to read, most of `me fail to be search engine friendly. Today’s Internet is over crowded and there is a chance that your article gets disappeared in the crowd if not well written with some key elements. Just keep reading on to find out ‘how to write search engine friendly articles’

The Head-The Title Writing and submitting the articles in the top class article directories is very much important for online promotion. However, in the Internet, the world’s largest library, your articles should be found easily. Articles distributed in the Internet will be easily found by the readers if the title is appropriate and catchy. The title is the part which makes the first impression of the article. For more details go to www.seo-prediction.com .The title should have the ability to hold the readers and make them read the rest of the article. Remember that the first impression makes the best impression. The readers must be able to get a rough picture about the article by seeing the title itself. Always write titles for humans and not for the search engine robots. In the mean time, lemma tell you that it is possible to tweak the keywords without reducing the quality of the title.

The Ideal Title Take time in providing a suitable, appropriate and catchy title. Most people will not read the article if the title is drab or boring. Making the title short is always a good practice. Most of the search engines give high relevance to the first few words used in the title. The ideal length of the title is 6-8 words. The search engines display only up to 8-10 words in the search engine results. First of all you must determine who are the intended audience? After that a suitable title that you are sure will lure the audience to read the article should be selected. For more information logon to www.huge-niche-keywords.com .Here is the example for a bad title and a good title "My car driving experience with my new car". A better title would be something like "Porsche Spider –My driving experience" The second title gives the reader an idea of what the article is all about. You will be able to notice that the first title rambles on a little, it has the word car repeated twice which is unnecessary (though it may be the keyword), and doesn't really catch the reader's attention, it has many words that just don't work for the readers. It also has filler words like "with, and my" which won’t look good in the title. The filler words should be used as little as possible. The second example is the catchy title. It gives the product name first, which will catch the reader's attention. The best title for the article is one that explains that you are writing an article about first hand experience of driving your Porsche.

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