Easy To Find Natural Carpet Cleaning Remedies

By: Joanne Anderson

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best Carpet Cleaning company for a home or business. Among these are the types of equipment and kinds of products that a company uses.
The companies that use non-toxic products and equipment that does not have a negative impact on the environment are considered eco-friendly. The companies work very hard to ensure that their provide the required services and quality without creating damage to the members of a household or the environment.
Until the past few years many of the chemical that were used for Carpet Cleaning were very toxic and produced severe reactions in individuals who had a sensitivity to these chemicals. The threads of a carpet were worn more quickly when these chemicals were used regularly on them as well.
There are many chronic illnesses that become worse when the individual is exposed to chemical fumes or agents. For Carpet Cleaning Companies this can be a challenge when they do not have access to environmentally friendly products.
Most companies now use carpet cleaning agents that are made from plant based elements. These cleaning products do not have chemicals in them and are not as harmful to humans and animals as many of the toxic chemical products previously used.
One of the new advances in Carpet Cleaning has been the use of carbonated bubbles to clean carpets. These bubbles leave a carpet clean and fresh but do not use the large amount of water that is normally needed to clean carpets. In addition the bubbles are non toxic and the machine that is used to infuse them into the carpet also lifts the bubbles after they have collected dirt and residue.
When it is necessary to clean liquid or stains from a carpet between one's regular Carpet Cleaning service there are many home products that will meet the needs of an individual. These products can be found in one's kitchen and are easily accessible.
One important consideration when spot Cleaning Carpets is to blot, not rub, the area that is being cleaned. Rubbing detergent or cleaning solution into a carpet often will embed the stain and make it very difficult to remove. Blotting liquids such as wine with club soda will often remove this stain. Any residual stain can be easily removed by blotting the area with a solution of mild detergent and water.
The components in vinegar allow it to remove many odors. Many people use vinegar and water solutions when mopping their floors because it leaves a floor clean smelling and fresh. This same solution is an effective stain remover for Carpet Cleaning. By blotting a vinegar and water solution on a stain one can remove most types of stains from carpets easily.
Using salt on areas of pooled liquid will absorb the liquid and color on a carpet. Once the salt has turned the color of the stain and dried the area can be vacuumed and, if further issues exist the area can be blotted with a vinegar and water solution.
Hydrogen peroxide and water used in a half and half solution work very well on stains. This solution must be tried on a small inconspicuous spot first though to make sure that the color will not be removed from the carpet.
In cases where a stain will not come up it is sometimes necessary to make a special call to the Carpet Cleaning company. After describing what the stain is and how long it has been there a company will send a technician with the products and equipment that is necessary to effectively remove the stain and return the carpet to it's normal state.

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