Easy Steps To Overcome Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation

By: Payton Polkinghorne

Masturbation is a healthy practice when done in controlled manner. It helps to gain mental, sexual as well as physical satisfaction in absence of a partner. Surveys have shown that most of men and around half the population of women do masturbation. But doctors recommend that if it is done more than twice or thrice a week, it is categorized under excessive masturbation.

Excessive masturbation is not a medical condition but is a very serious problem which is needed to be cured as soon as possible as it may have the following side effects:

a) Seminal leakage

b) Bent male organ

c) Weak erection

d) Erectile dysfunction

e) Premature ejaculation

f) Weakness

g) Fatigue

h) Groin or testicular pain

i) Low sperm count

j) Impotency (in severe cases)

k) Night fall

l) Low libido

There are many herbs and remedies which can help to cure the problems arising from excessive masturbation. The herbs primarily control the urge of masturbation but the person is also needed to control erotic thoughts in his mind and consecutively the urge comes under controlled.

The diet should be balanced and healthy to keep toxins away from the body which promotes the side effects. More amounts of juices and fruits should be included in the diet. The following herbal medications are very helpful in overcoming from the urge as well as side effects of excessive masturbation:

1) Mast mood Oil: It is a herbal oil which has no side effects at all. It is massaged around the male genital organ. It acts by increasing the blood supply in the male genital organ which helps in curing the problems like weak erection, erectile dysfunction, bent male organ, etc. It also repairs the damaged nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ, which gets damaged due to excessive masturbation.

2) Shilajit Capsule: It is a herbal composition which is composed of minerals and some exotic herbs. It acts as anti-ageing agent and also slows down the wear and tear of the cells and tissues of the body. It also enhances the power of the body and its unique components helps body in overcoming with the problems/side effects arising due to excessive masturbation.

3) NF Cure Capsule: It is a herbal capsule which is made by mixing the right proportions of herbs and has essential nutrients which helps the body to overcome the side effects of excessive masturbation. The ingredients of NF Cure capsule enhance vigor, vitality and lovemaking power in men.

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