Earth Day Green Cleaning is Stimulus and Health Plan For Your Family

By: Vicki Zerbee

Why should Earth Day be an annual event when we can have Earth Day everyday? One area that makes it very easy for each of us to contribute to the cause of helping our environment is to green clean our homes. Not only can we help save our planet, we can create a healthier home for ourselves and our families, and save lots of money.
We all have watched television commercials for cleaning products that look so appealing the way they give you not only a clean home, but a sparkling home. However, with the knowledge we now have of the chemicals, toxins, and fumes in these products being dangerous to our health, how satisfying is this clean home?
If we become aware of the devastation cleaning products have the potential to cause, would it have us look closer at alternative earth day every day cleaning solutions? With the rise of allergies and asthma among children and adults, we look to the environment as a cause if there is not genetic association. If there is the potential that something like a popular brand cleaning product can make us sick, most of us would not want to take that risk.
Baking Soda - Baking soda can be used to brush your teeth to give you a fresh clean smile. It can also be used to clean countertops and take grease marks off the floor. It can clean the sink and bathtub. Baking soda is a nonabrasive cleaner so it is safe to use on most surfaces. You can also use it as a deodorizer for carpets and litter boxes to get rid of those pet odors.
We have products that are used everyday in our homes that can help us clean more safely. They can help secure a clean, fresh house and be a healthy solution for ourselves, our family, our homes and our environment. Green cleaning jobs all over the house, from kitchen to bathrooms and everywhere in between, can be accomplished very effectively.
Baking soda is a non-abrasive cleaner that can clean in the kitchen and bathroom, and even act as a deodorizer for carpets. You may have lemons in your home to clean with throughout the house. You simply squeeze some lemons and combine with water for an effective cleaning agent. Vinegar is acidic and can even kill some bacteria. People use it in their dishwashers to remove buildup and clean in the bathroom with it as well.
While it is convenient to use everyday products we have at home, many people prefer to clean their homes with cleaning products designed for specific tasks. There are a multitude of earth day everyday green cleaning choices available to us now. These cleaners have been designed to clean very effectively, and some brands have gone to the expense of testing them against popular toxic store brands. In those cases, the green cleaners worked as well or better than the brands loaded with harmful chemicals.
An important feature of green cleaning products is that they are very concentrated. You mix them with water before you clean, and this can be a huge impact on our environment. For example, one bottle of concentrated cleaner can make thousands of bottles of window cleaner. That is just one cleaning job and we keep all those bottles out of landfills, not to mention the transportation to ship all of those products which has pollution effects on our planet. The other feature, even more important to us as individual families at this tough economic time, is the cost savings. One bottle of cleaner at around ten dollars compared to thousands of bottles at two to three dollars each is a huge money savings. If we can clean our homes better with earth day clean everyday green cleaning products, and save tremendous amounts of money, I would think most of us would make this smart choice.

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