Early Signs of Autism

By: Carisma Corianno

If you are like many parents you are watching your child develop skills and grow very closely, almost like they are under a microscope and often you may see things in them not developing like other children. In a lot of these cases, the question of autism is in the air. The crazy thing about this aprehension is, every child shows some form of symptoms similar to autism, but most grow out of it. I tell you one thing, please don't stress yourself out about it. My first bit of advice is to get a hold of a milestone chart -either from a doctor or I am sure you can find one online.
Just keep this close and keep an eye on things your child should be doing and if you have worries, go ahead and write them down so you are able to talk about it with their doctor. A lot of the times the caregivers are the ones that see these signs. Above all, if you honestly are losing sleep about something - go see the pediatrician and talk about it. That could help no matter what the conclusion. There are a lot of doctors out there doing research on how to detect the autism signs earlier and earlier, so the child can be treated as soon as possible.
Symptoms or Signs found in children are:
*If you notice by 6 months your baby has not smiled
*Babbling by 12 months
*Not saying any words by the time they are 16 months
*A child should be saying two word phrases by the time they are two years old
*If they learn how to do things, then all of a sudden they regress
*A lot of times you cannot have eye contact with your child because they are sooo interested in a certain object
*Some cannot communicate very well and look as to not give any effort to try to communicate
*Very rough, violent tantrums are a general sign
*Your baby has no little friends and interaction with children is at a zero
*Sometimes you may think your child is actually deaf because it just doesn't seem like they hear you
There are a ton of signs and many can be seen very early in a child's life. You just have to pay very close attention. I actually make it sound easy - but it's not. If you don't detect it, when they are 6 months, it doesn't make you a bad parent. But if you do have questions you should speak to their doctor and talk to their caregiver, the caregiver can give you an idea of how they see things as well.
A loving Mother, Carisma Corianno

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