ERP Implementation Methodology For Successful Implementation

By: Payton Polkinghorne

Most of the companies in India are systematically planning their strategy regarding Information Technology for maintaining a unique competitive advantage and become more responsive to change markets and deliver service at low cost by purchasing the integrated ERP software. There is shortage of single entity which mirrors the factors of success.

Researches related to ERP are not extensive as it is a new phenomenon within the software industry, its implementation methodology is still implementing. Successful implementation of ERP provides functionality for all of the business processes; that will be completely accepted by the users. The management unit of the business should approve it. It should also provide immense return on investment.

The first step to for implementation of ERP is to adopt a structured approach to the process. It is equivalent to finding a right person who will cater all your requirements and will ensure you with complete satisfaction. This can be done by questioning the likely vendors which you have preferred and asking about their experiences regarding conduct of users.

There are many methodologies based upon successful implementation of ERP such as Big Bang in which Implementation happens in a single instance. The left behind system and new ERP system both work hand in hand in parallel adoption methodology.

Many of the followers are using big bang or phased roll out or by combining both the types. Among these 89% are using this type or making it use in regular practices. The company surely reaches its goals if it is planned attentively and circumspectly by analyzing it.

The method of parallel adoption is less hazardous as compared to any other processes. In these both the old and new system works together. The users perform their even tasks using old and can learn new system. When the new requirement is fulfilled by the latest system the old one gets regretted.

The implementation of ERP is successful only if you do the planning timidly. Taking more time will result into better outcome. Planning plays an important role while it comes with the case of implementing the ERP system because better you plan the best will be its results which are significantly important. If we do not care about the cost then it will be more difficult for you for its further implementations.

The ERP implementation process should be seen in literal manner as any other projects. Some important steps should be taken to implement it. The vendors should be asked to prepare a plan for your implementation. Always make an effort and try to bystander into previous projects. You can also learn about possible artificial barrier which may be created. Planning is the crucial step for the successful implementation. The pliability is the most important thing which is required for its proper implementation.

The implementation of ERP is the basic reason and severe reason behind the success of ERP. If the company has passes the test of implementing ERP successfully then it will really lead to the path of success.

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