Dutasteride Avodart in the Treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia, commonly known as BPH, is an enlargement of the prostate area. It is more rampant in older men. As men are becoming more educated about health issues, they turn to medical treatment for BPH. Dutas, a generic form of Avodart, has been proven as an effective treatment of BPH.

BPH and its symptoms that adversely affect the quality of lifestyle can be treated successfully by Dutas. The first indication of BPH is the frequency of need to urinate. This occurs usually at night but then progresses to the need to urine frequently throughout the day. BPH sufferers subsequently report a reduction in strength in urine stream. Discomfort accompanies this reduction. A medical doctor should conduct testing to determine if BPH is the cause of the symptoms.

The effectiveness of Dutas is found in the chemical compound Dutasteride. This active ingredient is an alpha-reductase 5 inhibitor which impedes the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is considered a forceful form of testosterone. BPH symptoms vanish once the conversion is interrupted. Dutas has been found to be effective in BPH for many sufferers. Prescriptions finasteride and finasteride has been shown to only inhibit one isoform of alpha redictase 5. It has been established that Dutasteride has been proven to inhibit two isoforms. Dutas clearly appears to provide the best treatment available for BPH.

Dutas make be taken as directed with some precautions. Erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual libido are the most commonly reported side effects during usage of Dutas. Gynecomastia or enlargement of male breast tissue is another possible side effect. Additionally, women who are pregnant or women wanting to become pregnant should not be exposed to Dutas; developing male fetuses can be adversely affected by these inhibitors. Dutas can be absorbed through the skin so special care should be exercised for pregnant women or women wanting to become pregnant.

Another side effect of Dutas is a positive one. Some men have reported hair replenishment while taking Dutas.

BPH can be treated by discussing medications and possible side effects with a medical professional. Dutas can provide effective treatment of BPH. A worry-free, active life is well worth the effort.

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