Drug Sooths One Pain Cause Another

By: Joseph Warner

During the Second World War every soldier of American army used to be given a small file in their back pack. This file used to have few doses of drug called morphine. Morphine is an ingredient of opium and has similar features as heroine. When a soldier used to receive any bullet injury and remained alive, he or the medic in that battalion used to apply one doses of morphine on the injured. It was in form of injection. Put any where in your body, locating the greater bunch of nerves and it would directly effect on central nervous system of human body. It helps in making the nervous system inactive and thus keeps away the feelings of pain. Thus it helped thousands of soldiers during the war either to stay alive for further medication soothing the pain during the time of transportation or at least enabled them to die with less agonizing pain.

War ended long ago but the nature of using drug did not change much, though purpose has changed a lot. In that time purpose of Morphine was to save life. Now its purpose, ironically in the same country, is only to get addicted to evade from the pain and pangs of real world. Unlike soldiers who devoted their life for country, these people taking the same drug like to escape the present life they are facing. As usual the Morphine or its similar kind or drugs like Marijuana, Heroine, opiates etc still affect the central nervous system of human body and gradually make him or her forgetful of the present world. So, you will find the drug addicts always in a strange state where they are forgetful of the reality.

Unfortunately these drugs have a terrible power to make the consumer addicted and gradually to take the person to the brink of complete ruin. Thus the drug addicts normally become physically and mentally weak and tend to take the drug more and more again and again. A time comes when their immunity system is damaged, nervous system is fragile and they tend to do anything to get that drug. In such states they can not control their life but drug does.

A cancer patient takes all possible ways to avoid the excruciating pain and even knowing the death is certain, tries to stay alive or die in less pain, knowing that there is no escape. In case of drug as well knowing that the destiny is no different than a cancer patient i.e. to die gradually they can not leave the habit yet tries to stay alive taking the drug more and more. So, what is keeping them alive is also taking their lives. What they take to escape pain is causing more and more pain. This is the paradox seen in case of drugs which probably are not seen in case of any other things in the universe. What gives life takes the life at the same time.

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