Drug Addicts Rehabilitation in America

By: Joseph Warner

Drug addiction has been found as rampant as epidemic not only in America but to many countries in the world. The victims or prey to drug addiction can be anyone like doctors, lawyers, business people, blue-collar employees, housewives, students, youths, kids etc. So, people of any class irrespective of their profession or age may take resort to drug addiction to evade from depression or anxiety. Later, this addiction brings disastrous effects on those persons by addicting them to it for the rest of their life. Drug addiction causes loss of lives from overdosing, accidents and health complications (organ failure, heart-attacks, infections etc). Those addicts, who do not die, suffer due to shattering promising lives, tearing families apart, ruining careers etc. All of these consequences are the result of people who are using street drugs, misusing prescriptions, medications, or even manufacture their own drugs in kitchen meth labs.

Drug addictions or in other name substance abuse are now becoming an increasing problem in America. The Govt. has been combating the drug addictions and chemical dependency since prior to implementation of National Prohibition Act 1919. So, before the concept of drug addict rehabilitation, the only way left to and chosen by the government, to curb the use of drugs, was to get the addicted person arrested and throw into jail. Those arrested persons used to come out in few months and again used to return to the habit of taking drugs. The cycle would continue perpetually unless the concept of rehabilitation had been developed. Where the only choice was to follow the vicious cycle of addiction towards prison or death, these programs have given many individuals the opportunity to change and restore their lives.

There are many rehab centers in America with good reputation and high success rate. But, these houses are not medical facilities, so they usually do not offer detoxification. They rather follow the process of counseling. Previously the traditional process of confrontation to dissuade the addicted, according to research, caused more harm as such attempts rather were detrimental and pushed the addict person away from seeking intervention. The process of rehabilitation and treatment done by rehab houses is called ‘intervention’. A common misconception is that an intervention is enough to get someone to stop using drugs. But, intervention actually a well- established route to further help and rehabilitation. It involves a co-ordinate, concentrated effort on behalf of loved ones, family and friends to get through to the individual. In these rehab houses the official and authorized persons who do the part of intervention is called ‘moderator’. The professional knowledge and sincere, personal approach is crucial for the success in this system. Often the addicted individual on whom the intervention is conducted attempts to change the direction of the conversation, turn attention elsewhere or argue their way out of the situation. A moderator is emotionally uninvolved and can avoid these pitfalls of interventions.

In the process of rehabilitation, an intervention primarily involves face-to-face session between the moderator, concerned family/friends and the individual. It also requires extensive planning beforehand, such preplanning includes co- ordination schedules friends and family and making treatment arrangements to ensure a spot is available. When all the participants have been assembled, the individual is brought in and told about the intervention. Family, friends and loved ones are given an opportunity to share their feelings, concerns and love for the individual. They are also encouraged to share how the individual’s drug or alcohol abuse has hurt them or affected their lives. The individual is asked to listen during this phase and also given chance to be heard as well. The tenure of stay in a rehab home depends on the condition and requirements of the addicted person. It may be one month to six months or as required by the professionals in these houses.

People are trained and supported in a way so that they can be re-equipped to return to a normal life. The addicted persons who most successful at overcoming substance abuse do so and move on with their lives without requiring ongoing support. Instead they build networks of family, friends and co-workers who are positive and supportive. Much the same as all successful people.

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