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By: JessicaThomson

Now days road accidents are common in news and most of them are due to harsh driving. It is often seen that we tend to forget the basic civic sense. Though there are many traffic rules which state the possible allegations for the rule breakers. But we often see people breaking rules and getting away with it. And we proudly blame the security system for that. I guess it's high time for us to start doing some thing our selves. If each one of us follows the traffic rules there should not be any problem regarding the same.

There are a number of driving laws stated by the government for us and any one disobeying such rules is considered as a driving offence by the law. There are various reasons which can certainly or incidentally become a road mishap; they are as follows:

1 Driving after or while consumption of hard drinks
2 Using your mobile phones while driving
3 Rash or speedy driving
4 Breaking the traffic signals
5 Disobeying any other traffic rules

By doing all these above mentioned tasks one can lead himself to offend traffic rules which are illegal in the eyes of law. For this reason the government or rather police is issuing Speeding ticket and Speeding fines for those who do any such crime or offence. This could be just a step forward to stop such illegal actions against all crimes ahead. People always forget the fact that every individual is special and all should give equal importance to other people being a human.

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