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By: Gurnam Singh1023

Is cooking more of a chore for you than a craft? Maybe it's time you changed your approach. It's a proven fact that your cooking is much better when you enjoy what you're doing, and you can bet your family can taste the difference for the help Just a few twists can totally revive your interest in cooking. Get back your drive by trying these few quick tricks.

Get out the grill. Everyone likes a good barbecue, and hosting a fun backyard party is a great way to get everyone together. Pretty much everything can be put on the grill-meat, veggies, even some fruits and cheese. Experiment with different marinades and sauces. Not sure what to serve? Put an assortment of foods on the table and let everyone make their own.

Decorate some cupcakes. Sometimes what you lack is just a bit of creativity. If you have a sweet tooth and some spare ingredients, whip up a quick batch of frosting and decorate some store-bought cupcakes. Go with any design you want-animals, flowers, bugs, cars, you name it. Get your kids to help out and make it a fun afternoon hobby.

Make a quick dessert. You'll be surprised at how creative people can get by making desserts on a whim.Most desserts take only a half hour or less and can be made with leftover ingredients. Next time you make dinner, take an extra 15 minutes to fix dessert and make your meal a little sweeter.

Put a twist on pasta recipes. The great thing about pasta is the range of possibilities it offers. You can make your sauces thick and creamy, sweet, spicy, smooth, chunky... you get the idea for the help Take an old favorite and add a little something to make it different. Sometimes just trying out a new noodle shape can get your creative juices flowing!

Invent a side dish. There's an endless possibility of food combinations just waiting to be tried. Mix together some of your favorite ingredients and you just might come up with a new favorite dish. Don't feel pressured to make a masterpiece; just keep experimenting and have fun while doing it.

Common Cooking Mistakes
Bread is too soft to slice: Freeze it and slice it frozen.
1. Bread Stale: Sprinkle it with a small amount of water, put it in foil, and bake in an oven at moderate heat for about ten minutes.
2. Cake Stuck to Pan: Let it sit until it is a little cooler, and then try again. If it's already cold, reheat for a minute or two.
3. Cheese tough or rubbery after cooking: Blend in a blender or food processor at low speed for a minute or two, then cook slowly.
4. Coffee or broth cloudy: add eggshells.
5. Coffee overcooked: Add a pinch of salt

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