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By: Kristina Brown..

Do you have allergies? Do your children suffer from asthma attacks? Millions of people suffer from asthma or allergies in the U.S. alone yet are unaware of ways to prevent symptoms from occurring. Many people are aware they can temporarily relieve their symptoms with medication but are unaware they can actually help prevent symptoms from occurring by purifying the air in their house. One air purification system capable of preventing such symptoms is the IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purification System. I will now go through some common questions and answers that arise when talking about the IQAir Perfect 16.
What exactly does the IQAir Perfect 16 remove from the air I breathe? The Perfect 16 is capable of removing bacteria, pet allergens, mold spores, dust, pollen and other chemicals that are a detriment to your health.
Why is the IQAir Perfect 16 so much more effective than ordinary air cleaning systems? The Perfect 16 is the only system that is rated a perfect MERV 16, the highest industry rating possible for air cleaning. No other air purifying system has a higher rating!
Does the IQAir Perfect 16 create a large amount of noise? No, the IQAir is whisper quiet and will provide you with a clean house with minimal noise.
How long does it take to install the Perfect 16? An IQAir Professional can install the Perfect 16 in less than a day.
How much use will I be able to get out of IQAir Perfect 16 filters? The IQAir Perfect 16 filters last about 12 times longer than the average home filter. The IQAir Perfect 16 was also built in a way that allows simplistic and effortless filter changes.
Is it required that I use my heating or air conditioning to get this system to work? Not at all, simply set the thermostat on "Fan On" and in just one hour your household air quality will become 10 times cleaner.
Can the IQAir Perfect 16 be installed in any home? The Perfect 16 can be installed in most homes with forced air heating, cooling or both. It works in conjunction with your home's heating ventilation and air conditioning system.
How do I know the IQAir Perfect 16 is functioning? The immediate difference in the air quality of your home will prove the IQ Air Perfect 16 is working from day one. An IQAir Professional will show you the difference in air quality using a particle counter soon after installing the system.
What awards did the IQAir Perfect 16 win? The list of awards the IQAir won is extensive. Some of the awards that the IQAir Perfect 16 won include the MERV 16 - which is the highest rating possible. Review board magazine awarded the IQ Air the product of the year. Additionally the IQAir Perfect 16 was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The IQAir Perfect 16 has been certified Ozone-Free by the International Association of Air Cleaner Manufactures.
The IQAir Perfect 16 is a truly remarkable air purification system capable of ridding your house of bacteria, dust and more! The IQAir Perfect 16 can also help prevent allergy and asthma symptoms from occurring. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the true potential of the IQAir Perfect 16 and will help you in your quest to permanently relieve your asthma or allergy symptoms.

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