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By: John Lillian

If you are struggling with issues of self confidence, with bad habits, with phobias, or with anxiousness or depression, then there are a range of different treatment options available to you. Of course you could see a therapist, or alternatively you could see a hypnotherapist.

For many people though, attempting some kind of home treatment first can be not only suitable, but also an important and worthwhile way to save time and money. While you should see a professional if you are feeling suicidal or unwell, if the symptoms are more mild then you might be able to treat them yourself which could save you time and money and spare you the grilling you would get at a therapists' office.

Hypnotherapy mp3s offer you one such method to help combat a range of psychological issues, and they can be very effective for some people. So what are hypnotherapy mp3s and how do they work? Indeed how does hypnotherapy work and is it even real?

Hypnotherapy is very much a real phenomenon and has only been given a bad name by a lot of extravagant stage acts. No, hypnotism can't be used to make you turn into a chicken at the click of your fingers (despite appearances crafted by clever showmen), but instead is a powerful therapeutic tool that has been used for decades to treat a range of conditions.

The way hypnotism work is to essentially speak directly to the unconscious mind. Based on the theories of Freud, it looks at communicating in a way that can get past our cognitive defences in order to unlock repressed memories, and to plant behaviour-modifying 'suggestions' that we will take on bored. Take this example if someone told you you were highly capable and confident you would probably reject them out of hand with a simple 'no I am not'. Thus it is necessary for hypnotherapy to plant this idea at a much deeper level so that you believe and so that it feels like it came from you.

The Milton model of communication (as seen in NLP) can help us to achieve this. This will work by getting us first into a relaxed state, and then getting us to agree with and trust in the speaker. From here the hypnotherapy 'script' will include various suggestions that aren't outright statements but rather include presuppositions, generalizations and other vagaries. The patient thus fills in the gaps themselves and come to these beliefs without rejecting them out of hand. A good hypnotism script then might include phrases such as 'you might notice that you enjoy the feeling of swelling with confidence'. It's evocative, and it doesn't state outright that you are confident but rather implies it implicitly making you believe it all the more.

All this can be achieved by downloaded MP3 hypnotism scripts. Here the therapist will be pre-recorded, but there is no reason they won't be able to lull you into the same calm state and get you to believe things via clever use of language. While a hypnotism download won't be able to react to you in the same way, it does meanwhile have other benefits, allowing the mp3 to use things such as 'brainwave entraining' (which requires headphones to work) and subliminal messaging in order to increase its effectiveness.

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A more and more common way to gain the benefits of hypnotherapy is to buy hypnotherapy downloads so you can replay them when it suits you.

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