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Nostalgia is a severe condition. Towel souvenir us and reminds us of the series that marked the childhood with more heart than reason. Donkey Kong introduced many children to video games and led the digital growth of so many others. More recently, one of the world's most popular gorillas made to the catalog of the Nintendo Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns. Adored by many, it was no big surprise that the work produced by Retro Games became one of the landmarks of the Nintendo console. I know, who reads these lines probably know this, Nintendo knows this better than anyone.

Doing homework, adding the sales figures and the percentage of players who had no opportunity to experience the original game and another slice that experienced but want to remember the year 2010, here comes 3D Donkey Kong Country Returns, one of Nintendo 3DS exclusive most anticipated of the year. After several hours to occupy both of our laptop screens, behold, it was time for the final verdict.
The narrative of the game remains disenchanted. Donkey Kong and Diddy were no bananas, or rather stole her stock of precious fruit. To bend the bow further, the animals that surround the duo were hypnotized, which irritates solemnly apes. As you may be guessing, the game puts you in a campaign to try to catch the disproportionate larger number of bananas on each level until they are no more levels to conquer.
It is a fact that the argument is not the strongest point of the game, however, the more certain is that forget what they have to do in the game, the gameplay will be so drunk. The first few levels serve perfectly to teach you how to move the world must Country Returns 3D. Even if they have never played a single title in the series, in minutes will be aware of what they can do to leave exceeded the eight worlds of the main game, each consisting of a little more than half a dozen levels and final boss. It may seem little, but believe that longevity is as well: are not to desire more, nor will it drag to complete the game. The game takes leave of you at the time began to consider leaving the party.

When you finally close the cover of your 3DS for the last time in the title, will have experienced a huge variety of levels, which is somewhat surprising because they automatically associate the world of Donkey Kong to the jungle. However, the world of Kong is much larger than a tropical setting decorated with palm trees. From pirate ships to a factory or a volcano, through the caves or on the beach, Nintendo used their years of experience to prevent the player saturasse easily. In addition, the mechanical operation of various levels takes to underline that the gameplay the novelty factor.
As already mentioned, the game is composed of two characters: Donkey Kong and Diddy and the gameplay takes advantage of the dynamic that exists between the duo, mixing heels with the possibility of roll and noble art of punching the ground, because quite frankly, we the play as a gorilla. After some time to think and equate the various components of the gameplay, I finally realized why he liked it so much the behavior of the game: the trick is how all the mechanical work evenly.

However, over time and with advancing levels, it is not hard to start to feel the brutality of the game. Desenganem are those who think Returns is a walk in the park with the right stops to smell the flowers and hear the birds singing. The game shows you how to play, explains the mechanics you mentioned in the previous paragraph and then leaves you delivered yourselves applying perfectly the old maxim: "Who has nails, plays guitar." The brutality is even more pronounced if the type of player who likes to discover everything and collect everything that each level has to offer. If it is your case, get ready for some frustrating moments to skim the unjust.

But after all, what is that Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D has the original released for the Wii does not have? Basically, apart from some technical repairs referred to later in the text, the big difference is the addition of a new game mode. So, when you start the game can choose between two different modes: New Mode and Original Mode. Starting with the original way, the experience is the same as that lived on Wii. Both Donkey and Diddy Kong have two hearts each energy and none of the elements of the original game have been modified. However, Nintendo seems to have heard the groans of the players and released the second mode in the portable version of the game, where the two protagonists are replaced every 3 hearts and energy were also added three new items to the store Cranky Kong, which help to progression through the game. Besides these new details, the focus is on Cloud Gateway, which contains eight entirely new levels.
It is precisely here that the most negative point of the game: those who have spent dozens of hours in the original version, you can not stop falling in love with this version, since the news is not as varied as was desirable. Still, there is always the factor laptop and 3D effect given to the game, tell yourself truth be told, is very successful. In fact, I can even say that Returns is one of the best 3DS games that makes use of the unique functionality of the console. The credits must be broken, or rather, the 3D effect is stunning, but the result is that the level design and its graphics. Play Returns 3D is to let yourself soak in the magic that made Nintendo recognizable worldwide. No, not the nostalgia betraying me the trial scenarios of the game are vibrant, full of detail and embody a certain je ne sais quoi that only realize when you have a laptop in hands.

Remember the refinishing technician I mentioned earlier in the analysis? Well, all praise made in the last paragraph has been done keeping in mind that the game runs at 30 frames per second instead of 60 hit on the Wii version. Perhaps the producer has studied and understood the limitations of the platform where he was to adapt the game, the truth is that the decrease in the frames is felt in some areas of the game, despite never interfere with the game experience.

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