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Surveys reveal that almost 80% to 85% people suffer from acute back pain in their lifetime. In most of the cases, surgeries are not required but some people are not that lucky to evade that. When medications fail, spine surgeries can help you to get some relief. If not done at the right time, these minor back pains may lead to permanent disability to walk or intense pain for an individual. Surgeons repair the damaged tissues of the back and the neck so that you can lead a normal life thenceforward.
Before we jump into the types of surgeries done, let us scan what are the different spinal conditions that lead to them. Sometimes due to age, the cartilages breaks down between the joints, which cause more, inter bone friction leading to acute pain at the back. Nerves are compressed due to this which leads to even a worse condition. This is called the facet joint osteoarthritis. In Spinal stenosis, the spinal canal narrows down and that puts pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. This leads to the wear and tear of the spine. Disc herniation causes the disc between each vertebrae to rupture and the inner core bulges out, putting much pressure the spinal nerves. In common terms it is also called the slipped disc and is a common problem today faced by many of us. Sometimes we suffer from Spondylolisthesis, where the alignment of the spines gets hampered because one vertebra happens to slip over the other. This becomes the sole cause of the unbearable pain that a patient can
suffer from. If medications donít cure these problems, the patient is left with the sole option of getting under the knife.
When you talk about Spine Surgery India is not far behind. If do a little research, you may see that there are several types of spine surgeries done by experts. They will diagnose the patient and try to find out what causes the pain. According to that, treatment is done after a through checkup of his anatomy. For example, if the pain is caused by a herniated disc, existing between each vertebrae, then it is removed by a procedure called Discectomy. This will release the immense pressure on the nerves and the pain will be gone. Very similar to this is Foraminotomy, but here, a portion of the bone is removed which was compressing the nerves and causing the pain. Other than these, spine fusion or spinal disc replacement are the common surgeries done to get the patient back into normal life. Nowadays, surgeons inject a synthetic material made up of cement, inside the spine bones, and this eliminates the acute pain that the patient was suffering from. This procedure is safe and is known to have lesser side effects.
If you are searching for Best Hospitals India, you can get some renowned places, where expert surgeons will carefully execute the surgical process and give you some relief from the unbearable pain. A little search on the internet will help you a lot in this regard.

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