Don't Break Camp Without Completing These Simple Tasks

By: Jack Murphy

You have had nothing but fun and relaxation for numerous days, but all good things come to an end eventually. And alas, that means your camping expedition is just about to approach its ending. However before you pack up and head back to civilization, there are a few tasks you need to do to make sure your camping ends on a positive note.

To start, be certain that your camping equipment has been put away. Make an effort to have some rags or a whisk broom on hand to wipe off your gear while you pack it up. Hopefully your camping equipment was organized before you left the house, so make an effort to keep it that way while you are on your trip. Also, strive to keep your dirty clothes in a separate container so that they are ready to throw in the washer when you get home.

Next, Take a look in the cooler for any extra food or water that may be left over. Clean it as good as you can and throw in some new ice just in case you have to transfer leftover food back home. Maintaining a tidy cooler by eliminating excess waste can be a lifesaver if you want to enjoy a cold beverage or fresh bite to eat on your long trip home.

Another essential component of exiting the campground is to make sure that you have gathered up all of the trash. Nothing is more annoying than having to pick up a bunch of garbage that was left by the campers that just stayed there. It doesn't take very long to look around and pick up any leftover trash that might have escaped the waste bin. Following this simple step will make certain that the next campers that visit your campsite will get to benefit from the spotless natural scenery the exact same way that you were able to.

The one last task you have to do before leaving the camp site is to put out the camp fire. This is extremely imperative as you do not want the accountability of having started a forest fire. Be sure that you have entirely put out the camp fire and you should also smother the entire firepit area with the left over cooler water. Don't ever leave the campsite before you check to make sure the camp fire has been completely extinguished.

If you pay attention to these useful guidelines, your campsite will be certain to be in as good of shape as it was when you arrived. And trust me, your fellow campers will thank you for it!

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