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There is a lot of talk about ways to make money on the Internet. In fact, there are so many ways that have been thought of, often entire websites are dedicated to the money making craze. However, the effectiveness of some of these schemes and systems is questionable. In particular, I would question the free money making programs, such as those that pay you to read emails, click on links, and the like. Firstly, I see a fundamental flaw with these types of "opportunities". What is it? Well, you are getting paid a very small amount for doing each task. "Ok, so what is wrong with that?Ē I hear you asking. Well - firstly, it is extremely time inefficient. For each link that you click, or website that you are required to visit, there is a minimum amount of time that you must spend actively looking at the site. In my previous experience with this industry, the pay rates are about $0.005 per 20 seconds. That works out to a whopping $0.015 per minute. If we do some simple math - the hourly rate for this work is $0.90.

Would you call this a business opportunity? I certainly wouldn't. The fact that people are happy to participate in this activity with a reward of such minute proportions, really shows that there is a lack of understanding about making money on the Internet. The other problem is that these "money makers" have to wait a very, very long time to get paid. I'm not talking about a few weeks like most normal, salary earning people, but instead - about 6 or 9 months! That's because these programs have a minimum payout amount, set purposely high so that it takes an age for someone to actually reach it.

As you can tell, I am not a fan of this type of thing at all. It's not a business opportunity, and it is something that no one should have to subject themselves to, no matter what their situation is. There is a much, much better way of earning money through the Internet. Unlike the previously mentioned method, this one let you make $4000 a week at times! Even if you had to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the pay rate would work out to be exponentially greater than clicking for cash. Where will you find such an amazing system? Well, itís really not that difficult. Simply log on to Google, do a search for "online money making opportunities", filter all the rubbish out of the results, and voila! Dedicate some time, resources, and you will be well on the way to generating a consistent, weekly income.

How do you build it up? Well, thatís also a simple question to answer. Google will come in handy again, as all you need to do is change the search term to "online business resources", and you're away laughing!

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