Domperidone paves way for controlled Gastrointestinal problems

By: Roger Smiths

This can affect any part of the body including rectum, stomach, colon and intestines. Digestive system is a very complicated system that can be interrupted by diet, stress and diseases. Few of the common gastrointestinal problems include Constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel disorders and haemorrhoids.


Symptoms are shown due to wide range of diseases, conditions and disorders. Symptoms can occur in any person irrespective of age.

- Stomach ache

- Stomach cramps

- Bloating

- Gas

- Diarrhoea

- Pain in abdomen

- Abdominal swelling

- Indigestion

- Vomiting

- Burning throat

- Constipation

Based on the cause, the symptoms can disappear quickly or can last for a longer period. Knowing the symptoms help you to manage gastrointestinal problems.

Causes of gastrointestinal problems:

Common causes of gastrointestinal problems include side effects or the reactions of the medications being used, change in the diet, viruses and food borne illness. These problems may disappear in one week or one month depending on the severity of the condition. It is easy to treat gastrointestinal problems in starting stages. But, if the patient does not take care, then this condition may lead to colon colorectal cancer.

How to diagnose?

Gastrointestinal problems can be diagnosed using two processes; Colonoscopy process and Endoscopy process.

How to treat?

Taking proper care helps you to get rid of gastrointestinal problems. The first step to treat this condition is to stop eating for few hours as it allows the stomach to rest.

- Do not get yourself dehydrated.

- Taking proper rest is important

- Avoid taking antibiotics to reduce the pain caused by this condition.

- Take medications prescribed by the doctor.

Domperidone is the medication that is prescribed by most of the doctors to treat gastrointestinal problems. This medication can also be used to treat Vomiting caused by certain medications. Domperidone comes in the form of tablets.

Domperidone side effects include: dry mouth, headache, abdominal pain, difficulty sleeping and muscle cramps may also occur. The standard Domperidone dosage that is recommended is 10mg thrice a day. Few of the patients require doses up to 20 mg thrice a day. You can buy Domperidone 10mg tablets online from the best Canadian online pharmacies.

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