Doing Employment Background Checks

By: Rudy Silva

Have you been assigned to do pre employment screening for your company? Many companies donít even do any type of employee screening and leave themselves open to unwanted employees. Your company and it employees need to be safe in their environment from individual that could harm them. Use the following tips to uncover unwanted employees.

Start with a good application form. This form should be designed by someone knowledgeable in background checks. It is this form that will give you your start in background checking. You need the right applicantís answers before starting your screening.

The first thing you need to do is a Social Security Check. This is a powerful employment screening tactic. Order this check to authenticate the applicantís Social Security. This check can reveal all past addresses and aliases. Many people steal other peopleís Social Security number.

Now you can start the employment criminal background check. And at the same time you can check the person driving record. These two searches will reveal more about a personís integrity and honesty.

Once you have completed a variety of different information, you can match it up with the information you have on the application form. If there is a difference, then ask the applicant to explain this difference. It can be that there is a logical explanation and there was no intention to hide historical information.

The next thing to do is a pre-employment credit check. This part of the employment screening is where you look at credit report, which is not the typical credit report. You are not allowed by law to see their actual credit report with all of their financial data. You will see their report with many items blanked out.

To do an employment criminal background check you will need the applicantís birth date. The law does not permit you to ask for a birth date on the initial employment application. What you have to do is to hire the person and make his employment status based on passing the criminal check.

One thing most screeners miss is getting past co-workers names and phone numbers. Usually they will get supervisorís names but also fail to get their phone numbers. So get these names and phone numbers so that you can call and get more information on the prospective individual than would be provided by Human Resources.

There you have it a good outline to start your employment screening. You first start with a good application form. Move on to do the Social Security check and then do a driverís license and employment criminal background check. End with a credit check. If you want more screening consider using a pre employment screening services.

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