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By: James Stafford

Who’s bothering to check the results that are not placed in the top of the page when a topic is searched in a search engine? Search Engine Optimization analyzes your website, improves it if necessary and ranks your site so that it may be placed in the front pages during the search. Search Engine Optimization considers what the people search for and how the search engines list the links for the searched topic. The optimization involves editing the content of the website according to the keywords that are the most searched for, coding the keywords with HTML or including a hyperlink relevant to the keywords and even removing the factors which block the indexing activities of the search engines. Want to make your link the most viewed?? Make it through optimizing your website!!

In earlier days, when a topic is searched in the internet, the site that is viewed most before in relation to the topic is listed in the front. So once a website was viewed more times, it kept staying in the top most place in the search engine. The Search Engine Optimization was introduced in 1997 and it used many concepts and algorithms to improve the ranking of the websites during a search. They also consider different kinds of searches like image search, industry-specific vertical search engines and local search. The optimization techniques are classified as white hat SEO techniques recommended by search engines as good designs and Black hat techniques, those are not approved by the search engines. White hat technique tends to produce results that remain for a long time whereas black hat does not. Eventually the search engines may ban the websites that use black hat SEO techniques temporarily or permanently.

Search Engine Optimizers follow techniques like using unique page titles, descriptive keyword links, clean web design, site topics that are focused and many other minute differences that may differentiate your website from the others. If you see the top results in any search engine, the web pages have these things in common. The page titles will be denoted as links using HTML presenting the topic of the webpage and this causes the search engine to consider the order in which the links are to be placed. Mostly the search engines follow links from pages and indexing contents. So, if the links have the keywords their position during the searches will be boosted. Also the ranking is improved if you mention your keyword in your on-page copy. Also, if any error appears when the search engines try your website they may ignore to rank your site.

Many other factors are also considered to boost the position of your website in a search engine. If your site is more focused, it has the higher chance of appearing in the top places during a search. In addition, try specialty websites if possible so that you may not loose all of your rankings. The number of sites linked to your webpage may also help in increasing the rank of your page among search engines. This is possible only if the links are of good quality with links in the text. So like these factors the Search Engine Optimization techniques concentrate on minute factors but result in making your website advanced when a related topic is searched for.

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