Does Your Data Loss Merit the Expense of Professional Data Recovery?

By: James Walsh

Data loss incidents can bring about tremendous amount of stress, frustration, and anxiety. The good news is that in most cases, your data can be easily recovered.

Data Recovery

If you have lost valuable data, do not fret because help may just be a click away. There are many DIY data recovery software available in the market. Most of the DIY software can be purchased online and the user can start recovering his or her data instantly. DIY data recovery software allows the users to take control of their data loss situation and tend to solve the data loss problem using a pre-programmed code.

While using data recovery software in the comfort of your home without risking the privacy of your data may seem like a good idea, it is not without its drawbacks. To avoid these drawbacks, some people tend to choose hiring the services of a data recovery specialist to resolve the data loss situation. Most professional data loss companies guarantee successful recovery.

In the event of unsuccessful data recovery, the professional recovery companies do not charge their customers. Therefore, the level of trust and the degree of successful results increases significantly if you opt for a professional data recovery company. Most professional data recovery companies are able to successfully recover the lost data within a time frame of 24 hours. Therefore, most businesses can avoid a long business downtime if they hire these professional experts.

Is Professional Data Recovery Worth it?

Professional data recovery can be a very expensive process. Most professional data recovery companies require you to send the damaged piece of equipment to them and then they send the equipment back to you once the error has been rectified. However, this process can take days and sometimes weeks.

If you are willing to spend extra money, some companies send in their professionals to acquire the damaged equipment and may resolve the data loss error within 24-48 hours. However, this is likely to cost you a bomb. So, is it worth spending an exorbitant amount of money on data recovery professionals?

The answer to this question lies in the degree of importance of your data. If your data is extremely important to you and if you will be financially or emotionally hurt if this data were to lose forever, then yes, it makes sense to spend money on professional data recovery services. Most people opt for data recovery services when their data is very valuable because the chances of recovering your data increase significantly when you hire an expert professional.

These professionals tend to have the requisite experience, tools, and equipment to understand as well as rectify the data loss problem. The DIY data recovery software boast of successful results but can actually hamper your data recovery efforts significantly because most of them tend to overwrite on the data that you are trying to recover. Therefore, using the DIY software may increase the magnitude of the data loss problem. To avoid these errors and risks, people opt for professional data recovery. When the data is valuable and time is of the essence, professional data recovery is definitely worth the money.

Why is Professional Data Recovery so Expensive?

Data recovery is a highly specialised field. The reason why professional data recovery is so expensive is that data recovery is a very complicated process and not many companies can boast of 100% successful data recovery. Therefore, companies that do in fact have successful data recovery record, tend to charge a higher price.

Professional data recovery requires the use of specialised tools, equipment, and expertise. Most of these tools are designed in such a way that they are ideal to work on miniature circuit boards and other delicate equipment. However, because of the very specialised nature of these tools, they can be very expensive. In addition, most of the professional data recovery companies need to use the clean room environment for rectifying serious hard disk errors.

Hard disks are very prone to air, dust, human, and environmental contamination and hence need to be operated on only in a clean room environment. If the hard disk error is not opened in a clean room environment, data loss can become a permanent one because the hard disk can get damaged completely.

Therefore, to ensure successful data recovery from a hard drive, professional data recovery companies tend to use clean room environment. Acquiring or developing a clean room environment is a very expensive process. These expenses are reflected in the cost of data recovery.

Choosing a Data Recovery Company

It is very important to hire the right data recovery company to retrieve your lost data. It is very important to check the pricing policy of the company to ensure that you do not get overcharged at the end of the data recovery process. In addition, make sure that check what kind of errors does the company specialise in; is the company better rectifying logical errors or is it more successful for correctly hardware errors. In either case, it is important to verify the success rate of the company.

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