Does Regular Practicing of yoga makes you feel addicted to the exercise

By: Ravi Raj

Yoga and Aerobics is the new generation style mantra. Girls try their best to stay fit and healthy and they can pay any amount to look slim and beautiful. Zero size figures and flat bellies are wanted by girls till they get the age of 30 as in they want to look good and attractive, they want that people should notice them and praise about their looks. This is the only reason we see these fitness centers filled with young girls and ladies.

Every day we would find one or two new fitness center opening in the locality. This is backed by a very good crowd of youngsters including men and women. We may also found lots of relationships originating from these centers. But on the other hand we may find lots people getting addicted to the yoga classes, just because they meet their friends and see new faces from their regular and boring day to day life.

Itís been said if you practice something regularly either you would become a master or you would become habitual to that. If you would become master then you may take it as your profession and if it becomes habitual to you then you are not in the loss either. Practicing yoga is a good and healthy habit, it keeps you fit and fine. Problems and diseases would also not bother you if you practice such good habits on a regular basis.

Things are quite simple, girls practice yoga and aerobics to look good and sexy, and boys join such courses to get into relationships with such fitness freak girls. So the circle is hence completes. But not to forget there are certain people or you may call them as students who join such courses for Yoga Instructor Training purposes, they want to take this as a profession by which they can earn their livelihood.

But the problem which we would like to discuss in this article is that if you leave such healthy exercises suddenly then it would cause adverse effects to your body as in if the body is habitual of some machine and labor work on day to day basis and if you stop working all together then your body parts and organs would somehow freeze. Sooner or later you would find you tissues and muscles cramping and might also gain some weight (due to regular consumption of your previous diet). Many peoples complain that they have been affected due to loss of Yoga in their life. Some say that if they donít do yoga they feel that something is missing in their life.

So the irony of the article is that you should do yoga to be healthy and meet fresh people in your daily life. As it would help you to recharge your body and mind with fresh thoughts and capabilities. It would also help you to attain new success levels and higher incomes by performing out of the box in your office and businesses. Itís like if you are healthy then you can perform well and if you perform well then you would earn well so the circle goes on like this.

Therefore one should never forget about their body and its basic necessities and must visit these fitness centers to give some time to their own lives and relationships.

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