Does It Matter What Dreams Mean?

By: Henry KH Fong

Sigmund Freud better known as the Father of modern psychology had some very interesting thoughts about dreams. In interpreting dreams Freud made a mark on the minds of many people.

The biggest question that should be asked is a person who grows up in America with freedom. Compare them with a person who has grown up in a past communist Russia. Will their dreams mean the same things? And if so how in the world can that be?

Not to make light of interpreting dreams, because that's not what is trying to be said. In fact what dreams mean is really an interesting thing. Most people love to read what others say about a subject they may have dreamt about. On the other hand some people place way too much emphasis on it.

Over years and years of study several people have come up with different meanings for dreams. Although it is really entertaining to find out what some dreams are thought as. But look back in years if you can find older dream dictionaries and compare them to present ones.

Look at Sigmund Freud, the "father of modern psychology", he felt all dreams were about sex. Yes he felt that every single dream could be figured out by some sort of repressed sexual feeling you were experiencing. One that you may not have even been aware off.

Dreams are an amazing thing, and some creative people will take these dreams good and bad alike and use them. Stephen King has probably had tons of dreams that have come out on the pages of his novels, and it's amazing. Or painters most likely have dreamt a few pictures up before.

The study of dreams has always been fascinating but it depends on what field of psychology you side with on how they can be interpreted. But no one should ever really be afraid of a dream, or whether it will come true or not.

Though a person can dream every night, does it mean that all people who dream about falling are all dreaming about the same meaning? These are all things you need to consider before you put too much into the thought of what your dream means. It's hard to imagine everyone in this world no matter how they have been raised or what they desire are dreaming the same meanings.

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