Does Acupuncture Without Needles Work?

By: Rick Lim

For individual who have moved to more stress-free, natural and independent rural lifestyle, health care is a serious issue. Normally, when signs of health crisis arise, the usual respond is to rush and see a doctor or keeping enough stack of medicines at home just in case of urgent situation.

Surprisingly, different kinds of pains and discomforts can now be relieved almost instantly through a therapeutic technique available which can also at the same time stimulate self-healing powers of mind and body.

This is an ancient Chinese technique known as acupuncture which makes use of extremely fine needles at specific body points to stabilize the energies flowing through it while building a balance in them.

Typically, in order to relieve pain, acupuncture is carried out through the aid of very fine needles that are pierced into different points of the body, known as meridians.

Purchasing acupuncture needles from a reputable manufacturer is therefore considered one the most important things to bear in mind regarding the procedure.

Learning Acupuncture Without Needles

Avoiding the pain is possible by opting for acupuncture without needles. Though, the common method of acupuncture used various kinds of very fine needles to cure illness. Locating the points at first is quite delicate; nevertheless, the key to this technique is to find the right pressure points.

In locating them, use the tip of your forefinger or thumb and not the padded or fleshly part. Apply the finger pressure of almost 20 pounds to search the point. There will be a loud twinge of sensitivity once you exactly located the point making you realize that you found the right spot.

Stimulating the pressure point properly and deeply is equally important. The desired results will be felt by massaging the tiny spot with goading and digging motion with the tip of forefinger and thumb.

Another known type of acupuncture without using needles is the modern microcurrent therapy.

Microcurrent Bio-Therapy is an effective therapy that is used to alleviate pain, spasm, inflammation and treat tissue damage at cellular level compared to the traditional acupuncture needles which generate a small amount of electrical charge when doctor´s fingers twirl them, draining the excess electrical energy from inflamed or tense tissues.

Applied to certain point with a hand held pads or probes are extremely low intensities and frequencies. The natural electrical activity of human body is resonant with the frequency range.

The time of treatment time differs from few minutes to an hour. Providing immediate pain relief and accelerating the tissue healing, MBT is quite effective in treating chronic conditions.

There are more hand held devices available which supplies appropriate targeted electrical signal back to the area giving acupuncture without needles and can read the abnormal impudence based on the signal the device receives from the skin.

It involves no needles, no pain and no drugs making it completely pain-free.

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