Doctor’s Excuses and Doctor’s Notes

By: Gen Wright

Have you ever told your Math teacher that you were having such a terrible diarrhea you had to stay in the toilet and could not attend her boring lessons?

Have you been to the doctor for “a terrible headache” which made you unable to sleep the night before, when all you were doing was watching soccer the whole night and could not wake up in time to turn up for work? Or have you called your boss in the morning to say that your car broke down in the middle of the highway and you had to send it to the workshop which would take you a whole day and you sincerely apologise for not being able to attend the dreaded department meeting?

I see you smiling to yourself and recalling the excuses you have made. Well, let’s admit it, everyone of us has done this at one time or another.
It’s not exactly a bad thing. I am sure, of course, that we skip work or lessons for legitimate reasons, and not to do something bad. Maybe you had been feeling tired and sick of your job and want to attend that job interview which could possibly bring you to greener pastures. Maybe you simply feel like doing nothing but lie in bed the whole rainy day.

For whatever reasons, we could not just call our teacher or boss and say “I do not feel like coming to work/ school today. Goodbye and enjoy yourself”. We need a more professional and more credible reason. So, we go to the doctor. However, we try not to go to the same doctor too often, so that the doctor would not get suspicious. If your HR asks, just say you spent the night at your friend’s place and that clinic was the nearest one there.
But honestly, do you want to spend the time and money going through the hassle of going to different doctors, and think of different excuses to see them? You did not want to go to work or school because you had wanted to do something else, and the last thing you want is to spend half the day searching for a clinic and sit there waiting for your turn.

For a small fee, you can avoid these by making an online order for some authentic looking doctor’s notes. For that extra time that you can spend relaxing at home, recharging yourself, or enjoying a session of retail therapy (and avoiding the crowds since most people are at work!), it’s totally worth it!

The notes are in a variety of formats, with professional looking logos and watermarks, and are complete with doctors’ credentials and contact information. The best thing is you can instantly download and customize them. You can be assured they look so authentic your HR will never know.
Use the fake dentist’s note every 6 months, or that fake chiropractor’s note for your “recurring spinal pain”! You will never have to think hard for an excuse to skip work anymore. With the variety of excuses and formats we have, we guarantee the only tough thing is deciding which one to use.

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