Do you really want a lip ring?

By: Shipra Kaul

Like nose rings, lip rings have become very popular in the recent years. Today, most of the rock stars, actors, sport icons, wear the lip rings as a fashion accessory. With such a trend along with the rebelliousness and independence associated with it, number of people is planning to get it done.
Moreover, the best thing about a ring on the lip is that they take less healing time when compare to all other piercings. However, there is some of the risk that is associated with it. You must make sure that get your lip pierced may curtail you from performing few activities which you are addicted to. It may perhaps lead to some infections; therefore it must be taken seriously.
Wearing a lip rings means that you are struck for ever, thus, proper planning must be done before getting it done. First ask your friends who have got it done about their experience and seek for the recommendations. You must go for a professional artist whom you can trust. Before getting lip pierced, you must see that the artist uses a sterilized needle and the ring is put at the apt place. One of the benefits of lip piercing is that it is not too intrusive. Though, the lip rings is placed between lip and gums but still it does not rub against them.
Still, going through it takes two to three months healing time. And during the healing time, kissing as well as oral sex must be avoided. One must expose the area to the substances that are prone to bacteria. Also, drinking & smoking must be avoided that can irritate the wound. In addition to his, you can go for saline solution that will help you n killing bacteria. After eating, you must rinse the area where you have worn a lip ring using peroxide. Take some pain killers and ice cream for the first few months of piercing.

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