Do you know the methods to have a dating?

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1 Laughing in common
Love and laughter always accompanies with each other. In factors people traditionally thought that will make love relationship between men and women , sense of humour always occupies an important position. In common experiencing laughter among strangers will create a affinity.
American psychologist Freddy aron and Dan da tong went through a very classical test. They made two mutual strangers of no understanding jointly to hold some gameplay qualitative activities, such as learning to dance. In the period, they covered one person of the eyes, and let the other party took a straw into his mouth (to hinder freely speaking). Although the two voices appear somewhat stupid, but it turned out that love really with laughter appeared.
We will not, of course, on the first date cover her eyes, but trying to tell some jokes is completely able to be done.

2 Choosing suitable accompaniment music
From the overall, those who engaged in avant-garde jazz musicians are probably the world's most unfortunate of a group of person. American psychologist research shows, gentle and simple music is the most helpful to have the emotional development.
Experiment shows that soft music is more easily to make women generate goodwill for men, but jazz or completely silent environment is likely to have the opposite effect. Meanwhile, on the first date we also should avoid to appreciate those that are serious concert.

3 Use of "love nostrums"
Although someone has long been trying to create the miracle drugs can improve a mutual affection , but so far he has not yet won success.
Animal experiments show that by injection pituitary YeSu can make male mice produce strong the intense mutual dependency for female mice. Some illegal drugs similar to cocaine also can make people generate cheerful feeling and promote body dopamine concentrations. Nevertheless, taking drug to love should be completely avoided. The researchers said that physical exercise also can promote blood dopamine concentrations.
In addition, the human body can synthesize a technique called phenyl procedures (feniletilamin, commonly known as "love molecular") substance, which also can make the person become exciting and experience a sense of happiness. It is reported, chocolate also contains rich phenyl procedures.

4 Look at the the eye of person
Any a delicacy women is clear,that the eyes is a kind of very effective emotional expression means. Psychologists study also is the proof that the look in the eyes is actually a very powerful weapon. Experiments confirm that when two strangers sat in opposite, one looking the person in the eye more easily to produce close move than the other person without looking at the other part of the body.

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