Do you know how to survive in hopeless situation in games - part two

By: Hayden

Left 4 Dead series
"Left 4 Dead" is a X360 works developed by X360 works a global popular modules game "Counter-Strike" developer Turtle Rock. Theme of the game is nowadays a very popular stand-alone game action shooter zombie theme. However, different from other themes games or video works, the player does not play a lone hero rushed into zombie group without hindered, but to play an ordinary person in order to obtain the last vestiges of the dawn of life to struggle, the player is a horrible disaster survivor, in order to escape pick up their weapons to do desperate struggle with death. It is worth mentioning that the players are not alone in the game, through Xbox Live players can also team up with a friend in collaboration to challenge, it would be reduced the loneliness and fear to some extent, the players through the horrors of the city full of zombies.
DayZ Mod is appearing in May 2012 based on the "Armed Assault 2" Zombie Survival class third-party modules, due to its unique gaming experience, the module receives a huge success, until September 23, 2012, the number of players has reached 1.25 million. DayZ background is "Armed Assault 2" original main islands Chernarus, which is a size of 225 square kilometers of the coastal region, from mountain villages to the cities ranging fields, basically the equivalent of a miniature of the Eastern European countries. Random changes in the weather, and will affect the player's actions. However, virus worldwide plague cause most humans into zombies, players will have to play the Survivor, need to strive to survive in the Chernarus. Recently it plans to launch the independent version.
STALKER series
The series are set in the 2026 first-person shooter game. The game will use "Diablo in FPS" game mode, so that the role can move freely like in Daggerfall, Morrowind games. In the game there are 30 different weapons for players to choose. The enemy AI is very high, player need some time to destroy them. Rich single-player story, player performs a variety of tasks, and multiplayer games will be included very popular death, capture the flag and team modes. Game uses specialized developed X-Ray engine, X-Ray engine supports the latest 3D technology, you can create high geometric detail indoor and outdoor scenes (in the case of excellent fps, the polygo counts of a frame reach 1-1.3 million). X-Ray engine can automatically adjust gaming performance to the best mode depending on the system hardware configuration.
U.S. doomsday
This game was developed secretly by the world's top studio Naughty Dog for two years, the story puts the doom as the theme, and but very different from previous similar themes games. Two protagonists are distinctive, in order to survive they will be at all costs. Although there are variations of monsters appearing in the game, they are also the main cause of doom, the majority of the game's battles are against with humans. The game tries to explore the human heart fluctuations in dilemma, highlights and enlarges the hearts activities of the protagonists. The game takes place in America happended the end of the world, because the virus spread fungus infected humans into a terrible monster. Few people are uninfected, those who are either in the military jurisdiction immunity zone, or just at the doom full of weeds and deserted.
Fallout Series
"Fallout" is a series of classic computer role-playing games developed and published by the Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment Corporation. Although the game time is set in the 22th century, the background story and art has been affected by the nuclear panic in the 1950s. First for publication in 1997. Sometimes the series is called "Wasteland" unofficial sequel, but "Wasteland" belongs to Electronic Arts copyright, and the story does not happen in the same game world. Role-playing game series includes two versions of the game "Fallout" and "Fallout 2," a strategy game "Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel", a game of action-adventure game "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel" and some other regional games. The 2001 ranking of PC Gamer magazine, "Fallout" and "Fallout 2" came in the fourth in all the computer games.

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